Why GayPages.com?

Since 2005, Gay Pages has been providing the LGBTQ community members direct access to gay friendly companies, unlike mainstream or contemporary advertising outlets. Understanding the importance and value of all people, these companies not only embrace individuality, they believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Do I have to be gay or lesbian to use the directory or to advertise my business in the directory?

Absolutely not. Anyone can use the directory and any business can advertise in the directory as long as they are a “gay friendly” company. We encourage any business that would like to market their services to their local LGBT community to visit our Advertise page for more information. Placing an online ad with us shows LGBT members your desire to do business with them. It also provides security knowing that they will be respected, safe, and supported, especially in their home, where many services are rendered.

What is the percentage of population makes up the gay and lesbian community?

Approximately 3.5% – 4% of Americans identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) according to the Williams Institute. The table below represents the total population by state along with the LGBT population as referenced from the 2018 US Census Bureau and The Williams Institute’s 2018 data collection of LGBT adult individuals. The bold print represents the states that have at least one city where Gay Pages currently exists.

LGBT Table by State - GayPages.com

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