7 Exceptional Gay Movies That We Should Watch

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. September 7, 2017 11:36 am

7 Exceptional Gay Movies That We Should Watch

While we are amidst the debate of giving gay people their right and promote their equality in the society, we fail to mention some great movies that show the life and struggle of gay people. These movies have given us true light of what it feels like being a gay in the society.
Here are some of the phenomenal movies that we must watch-

1. Latter Days:
Latter Days directed by C Jay Cox is a gay romantic drama based in Los Angeles, California. The movie revolves around Aaron Davis, who is a Mormon missionary who gets seduced by Cristian Markelli. Christian is totally opposite of Aaron as he is a party freak. Later he falls in love with Aaron. Latter days, a gay romantic melodrama goes through shocking conventions and it has some great performances.
Cast- Steve Sandvoss, Wes Ramsey, and Rebekah Johnson

2. Maurice:
Maurice is a movie based on a novel of the same name by EM Forster. The movie was released in the year 1987 by James Ivory. The move is based on the love tale of two homosexual men living in England in the 20th century. The movie travels from School, through college and further. The performer of each cast is exceptional and has got some engaging scenes as well.
Cast: Hugh Grant, James Wilby, and Rupert Graves

3. Trick:
Gabriel played by Christian Campbell) is an office temp in the day and at night she is an aspiring Broadway composer. She is a guy named Mark played by John Paul Pioc who is a dancer in a local gay bar. The night goes from having no place to stay, squabbles, bumping into the exes, to the part they define the standards of their relationship. This gay romantic movie released in 1999 and directed by Jim Fall certainly has a lot of things to offer to the viewer and certainly made a mark in the society.

4. Get Real:
Get Real is a move that got released in the year 1998 and directed by Thomas Bezucha. The movie revolves around a 16-year old gay teenager named Steven Carter who has a huge passion for journalism and photography. Carter who still hasn’t come out of the closet is bullied by his classmates because he has some qualities belonging to ‘gay’ people. This is gay as well as the straight romantic drama that shows the understanding of romance.
Cast: Brad Gorton. Stay Hart, Ben Silverstone, Kate McEnery, and Charlotte Brittain

5. Big Eden:
Big Eden was released in the year 2000 and was directed by Thomas Bezucha. The story revolves around a boy who is a renowned gay artist in New York. He has to go back to his hometown Montana to take care of his grandfather. There he was put in situations where he had to deal with some unresolved feeling he had for his childhood friend Dean Stewart. At the same time, he is falling for Pike Dexter who is a local general store owner in the town.

Cast: Arye Gross, Tim DeKay, and Eric Schweig

6. The Broken Hearts Club:
The movie revolves around a group homosexual buddies residing in West Hollywood. One of the members of this group Dennis who is a photographer and is also someone who holds them all together. Cole is the charismatic handsome one who is an actor, who often ends up with someone else’s boyfriends, Howie who is a psychology student who often overthink the situation, Taylor who has long swanked about his long-lasting relationship which has just come to an end, and Benji is the youngest member of the group with a great physic who is going through bad times. The movie goes through the different level and each one of it is enticing.

7. Show Me Love:
It is a romantic classic movie by the director Lukas Moodysson. It is about an anxious and awkward suburban girl named Agnes who falls in love with a confident firebrand. In this midst of learning how to embrace the life, she learns to be confident and independent. However, the girl she falls in love with Elin doesn’t share the same feelings with her. The movie is so strong that it feels like we are experiencing or living someone else’s life for the whole time. It is definitely one of the best teen dramas we have ever had.

These movies have certainly made a mark in the society. Each one of these movies shares a strong story about the lives of homosexual people.