Becoming a Happy Gay Parent? Challenges and Facts!

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. October 3, 2017 12:54 pm

In the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in the percentage of gays and lesbians! The number of artificial insemination and foster care adoption has risen. According to a recent study, the number of children raised by gay parents has increased to 14 million. This increase happened in the last decade. You might be reading this article because you are keen on gay or lesbian parenting. Well, there are few things you should keep in mind. Becoming a gay parent is a challenging and an interesting journey. It takes lots of dedication and effort to become a gay parent.

Recent News

Currently, states have various rules and regulations to safeguard the needs and wants of children who live with lesbian or gay parents. Around 21 states have second-parent adoption permissions. These states allow children to have two different parents. In case one of the parent dies, the other becomes responsible and the sole-owner of the child. These rules are designed to help the child. Authorities believe that second-parent adoptions would let the child enjoy a wide range of benefits. The child is bound to receive more care and resources.

Gays can become amazing parents. States don’t deny this fact! This is why there are regulations enabling gay adoptions. Regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, they can adopt a baby. Nearly 22 states have allowed gays to adopt little children from private or state-run agencies. Of course, the agency has to be legally licensed and registered. Before you decide on an agency, you must verify if it is authentic. The agency should have engaged in gay adoptions. Also, they must be recognized by the local state authorities.

What Does Research Say?

Meanwhile, some states are not prepared to accept gays. They live with various stereotypes and myths. In this article, you will read about these stereotypes and myths too.

Plenty of studies are carried out to prove the worthiness of lesbians and gays. These studies reveal that a child can grow with lesbians and gays. Just like heterosexual parents, gays are able to take care young ones. To be more precise, there is not a single study to prove that gay and lesbian parents are bad for children. The parent’s sexual orientation has very little to do with the child’s growth. Here are few excerpts from the studies:

1)    Research has not revealed evidence that gay men and lesbians are bad parents.

2)    Research has not revealed evidence that gay men and lesbians are unfit to become parents.

3)    Home environments created by gay and lesbian parents for children are very pleasant. The homes are both successful and happy. Gay parents are able to take care of the child’s development. They don’t face any problems or limitations. The life of gay parents is quite similar to the heterosexual ones.

4)    Sexual orientation doesn’t influence parenting. Instead, parenting depends on whether a person is able to create a happy, nurturing environment. Both straight and gay people are able to create the right kind of environment for their little ones.

5)    Research has not revealed evidence that gay parents are less famous, filled with problems or less smart. They don’t carry low self-esteem too! They have the same mindset and confidence levels of heterosexual parents.

6)    Children who grow with gay parents are healthy and happy. Children show no signs of stress or unhappiness.

Let’s Face the Real Situation

Crisis can happen in different forms! Do you know that the number of foster and adoptive parents in the United States of America is decreasing? So many little ones are without homes. A lot of kids struggle for their basic necessities. With the rise of gay parents, these children are more likely to find a happy home. An estimate says that 500,000 children are present in foster homes. Around 100,000 children should be adopted on a yearly basis. Many gay parents have helped unadoptable kids. They are happy to take of the health issues faced by the little ones. This proves why gay people are also great. They have the emotional competence and substance to keep children happy.

Some Myths and Facts

Myth #1 – Children need a father and a mother!

Fact #1 – Children need homes and not heterosexual parents. Someone to care is always more than enough! Children in loving and stable homes are always happy.

Myth #2 – Children need male and female role models

Fact #2 – Children without homes don’t have any role model! It is better for children to have two gay parents than none!

Myth #3 – Gays are unstable

Fact #3 – Gay couples engage in committed relationships. They are sign-up for long-term bonds.