Best Practices to Follow for Successful LGBT Marketing and Advertising

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. May 17, 2016 8:15 am

If you own a company and publicly market and advertise in support of the LGBT community, you already know that you must be careful when working with the media in regards to this subject as many Americans are still sensitive to its nature. However, that’s exactly why we are writing this article, to share with you a few best practices which you can follow that will help you successfully market yourself to and for the LGBT community.

First of all, if you would like to directly market to the LGBT community, you need to be using Facebook. Facebook has an amazing advertiser’s platform that will allow you to specifically target any and all LGBT friendly groups on Facebook, ensuring that those seeing your marketing advertisements are gay friendly. Some LGBT friendly businesses recycle their content’s social media posts that are less than a week old via social media. The advantage to this is that if you don’t have a lot of content, you can keep still keep yourself visible out there via these channels. The disadvantage is that when someone is perusing the content of a hashtag you are using in this way, they see your content repeated over and over again, potentially making it look a bit “spammy”. There are no specific right or wrong ways to posting on your social media wall through Facebook, however, make sure your content remains relevant to the LGBT community.

Using Photos, Videos, Vines, and Snaps to Promote Discover-ability

Furthermore, as you begin marketing yourself to and for the LGBT community, you need to be utilizing channels such as videos, photos, news sites, article directories, and by making sure that your blog is being published on frequently. Discover-ability happens when someone posts an article on their Facebook wall or Tweets about it or uploads a photo on Instagram related to it (and hopefully linking to the event or article as well) or shoots a 6-second Vine video and shares it online. Discover-ability has become the #1 way in which content is found in today’s world, outshining search. Search used to be the top source of traffic for most news sites, but that all changed a few years ago with the strong rise of social media as we see it today.

Once you begin using social media to advertise your LGBT friendly services, you will need to be sure to pay attention to the results you are receiving. All of the mentioned social networks above can be monitored and measured. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have some incredible analytics tools available to us today, ensuring you know exactly which posts had the most views and was interacted with the most (comments, shares, likes and retweets). Third party programs such as RivalIQ and SpyFu go even further, giving you deeper insights into what is working best for you in social media and in search, providing you useful feedback as to how you can improve, as well as giving you a snapshot of how your competitors are doing online.