These Cities Have The Most Friendly LGBT Policies

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. November 29, 2016 5:44 pm

These Cities Have The Most Friendly LGBT Policies
Which Cities Are The Most LGBT Friendly?

It’s not always easy to find cities within this country that accept or even celebrate the LGBT community. This has remained true even after so much progress for equal rights has right has been made in the last 20 years. For those who belong to this community, this can make it difficult to find a great place to vacation in or even move to. The good news is that just as each person is unique and different, so are the cities in the United States. Some are much more accepting than others, and those listed below have the friendliest LGBT policies out there, according to the 2016 Municipal Equality Index.

– Cathedral City
– Long Beach
Los Angeles
– San Francisco

There are many more cities that have earned the title of being accepting to LGBT communities, with over 500 being ranked by the Human Rights Campaign. In fact, there were 50 cities that scored a 100, which is the highest ranking a city can achieve and the highest number the organization has seen in the last five years. In order to determine these scores, things like non-discrimination laws, hate crime statistics, anti-bullying policies in public schools, and healthcare laws for transgender employees were considered.

It’s important to note that many states are working toward changing despite not ranking high on the list, such as Alaska. Many of the cities here earned a score of 0, even though others passed laws for the non-discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. On the flip side of this, some states worked to make things more difficult for individuals within this group. In fact, over 200 pushed anti-LGBT bills that would greatly reduce or restrict rights for this community. This includes the HB2 law in North Carolina, which will change many rights, including those related to transgender individuals using public restrooms.

The Future of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights

The purpose of the Municipal Equality Index is to ignite change in cities all throughout the country. By celebrating those that have seen victories in equal rights and acceptance, it can perhaps encourage other cities to push for the same. Cities such as Louisville, which is in a state that doesn’t have non-discrimination protections, may also encourage others to change for the better. Fortunately with more scoring higher than ever before, it’s easy to see that acceptance very well may become a reality in the future.

With zeros landing hard in cities such as in cities such as Auburn, Homer, Monroe, and Clemson, not all are motivated to make such progressive changes. This may mean some places will be more resistant to change and viewed as intolerant by those who identify themselves in this community. How things will develop in the future is left to be seen, as many new bills are likely to be written within the next year. Fortunately Kate Oakley, who is a head author of the report, believes that better scores will continue to grow. Noting stronger activism levels and the increasing risks of passing intolerant laws, she thinks cities may be motivated to become more tolerant in the years to come.