The Complexity of Belonging to an LGBT Community

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. September 14, 2017 4:00 pm

The Complexity of Belonging to an LGBT Community

The central idea behind the Gay rights fight was making people believe that one is born gay and there isn’t anything that you can do to change this fact. However, many people in LGBT community don’t agree with this notion. They say that it is only good for people who feel that their sexuality is fixed instead of fluid. And they also question that why the dignity and equality of gay people should rest on the argument that says that they were born gay and they cannot do anything about it.

There are many lesbians out there who go by the “we are born this way” notion mainly because it is a compulsory part of the story. However, a professor of gender studies at the University of California, Jane Ward says that there are so many other notions on how one can understand their sexuality.
In place of “I was born this way”, one notion can be “I decided to be this way.” In the year 2016, an article on sexual orientation said that showing sexual orientation as the choice is not an effective way of making people understand homosexuality. One chooses his/her actions, people write about that, not about his/her feelings. The words such as choice, lifestyle, and preference are used to describe the sexuality because they are said to oppress sexual inequalities.

Our understanding of Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is very complicated and science has its limitation of what it can tell us about it. The science behind the phrase “I am born this way” is quite scarce and a lot disparate and comes with unreliable results. This is one of the reasons why people are so confused about LGBT community. While one study says it is the genes, another study pops up saying completely different to the previous one.

One reason why the science behind sexual orientation is partial because scientists tend to describe sexual orientation depending upon their purpose of the study. This is why people have different notions of sexual orientation. Is someone gay if they are attracted to same sex, however they never did anything about it? What if you are married to a woman but had sex with a man; are you gay?
The whole point is that if someone is gay then he is a gay. It is as simple as this. And people need to understand the fact that everyone experience and deal with their sexuality in different ways. Taking away their ways of exploring sexuality for the sake of scientific study is straight way penurious science. Science doesn’t take sexual diversity into account and hence it would never be able to give us the right answer.

Why having a proper knowledge is important?

Sexual orientation is one of the most important parts of one’s life but the science behind it is still vague. Of course, it is not possible to identify and understand every complexity belonging to sexuality. However, it is still important to know the fundamentals of it.

It is about time we ask ourselves that why we are running behind the science of sexual orientation and what are we actually hoping to find out.
An activist-academic in sex, Meg-John Barker said that people generally think that it is something which is biological and it tends to get more real as compared to something being social. However, there are social elements combined with biological facts that society tends to understand very deeply such as gender, race, etc. Our human experience is mixed together with the biological fact, social elements, and psychological factors that together go into a complex loop which is very hard to tear apart.

The phrase “born this way1’ of the gay movement is quite absolute even when the science proves that the human sexuality is fluid and complicated. For example, transgender people don’t believe that their biological facts meet who they truly are. Some bisexual people identify their sexuality as fluid. An article which was published in the Journal of Sex in the year 2016 that reviewed the legal decision that favored LGBT right in the US claimed that many of the factors were based on the notion that sexual orientation of a person is fixed and biological. Straight or gay, male or female, everything about us is not fixed from the time we are born. When it comes to humans there is no such thing as inevitable. We need to find a way to support and strengthen the curiosity about how the human body plays an important role in developing behavior and personality.