Countries around the world where it is illegal to be LGBT

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 7, 2017 9:54 am

Countries around the world where it is illegal to be LGBT

The Supreme Court of United Stated declared that ban on same-gender marriage is unconstitutional. The very first country to legalize the same-gender marriage was The Republic of Ireland. While many countries out there are trying their best to promote the LGBT community, there are some countries where it is illegal to belong to LGBT community. These are the states that criminalize this community and threaten the people to imprisonment or death.

In almost 13 countries, if you are a bisexual then you are liable for a death punishment. Here is the list of those countries-

  • Sudan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iran
  • Yemen
  • Mauritania
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Some areas of Nigeria
  • Certain areas of Somalia
  • Some regions of Iraq
  • Some region of Syria

It is a surprising fact that around 40 countries in the world have ‘gay panic’ clause which allows them to use a defense for committing criminalities just for the reason that the person was homosexual.

Generally, the reports aim at lesbian, gay, and bisexual right. It is observed that the law is particularly focused on the communities of transgender. The reports revealed that bisexual and lesbian women go through maltreatment for their sexuality. They also face forced marriages and ‘corrective rape’ in some parts of the world as a ‘cure’ to their sexuality.

Sex between two men has been criminalized in some countries just because of penal codes originated from British colonials. Although, there are a large number of countries who have begun to criminalize sex between two women.


Here are 10 countries where it is illegal to belong to LGBT Community

  1. Iran:

According to the sharia law, the homosexual sex between two men is punishable by death. For lesser act such as kissing they can be flogged. As for women, they are flogged if they are seen doing any such act.

  1. Mauritania:

In Mauritania, Muslim men who are seen engaging in homosexual coitus are likely to get stoned to death. Homosexual women in the country are prisoned for their act.

  1. Yemen:

As per the penal code of 1994, married men can be stoned to death if they are caught in any homosexual act. As for unmarried men, they face whipping and prison for one year. Women who are caught in the homosexual act can be imprisoned for 7 years. 

  1. Qatar

The Sharia law in this country is only implied to the Muslims living there. No matter what your sexual orientation is, if you are caught in extramarital sex, you can face the death penalty.

  1. Nigeria:

Federal law in Nigeria states homosexual behavior as a crime that is punishable by imprisonment. However, several states have adopted the Sharia law, hence, in these states, the act is punishable by death for men. According to the recent law, it is illegal for gay people to form a club or organize a meeting.

  1. Afghanistan:

The penal code of Afghanistan has not mentioned anything about homosexuality. However, Article, 130 of the constitutional lets the option to opt for sharia law. Under Sharia law, the same sex sexual activity is considered a criminal offense. The sharia law of Afghanistan criminalize homosexual acts, and the victim can be hanged to death. However, since the end of Taliban rule in 2001, there hasn’t been any death penalty registered in the country.

  1. Saudi Arabia:

Under the sharia law of Saudi Arabia, a married man who engages in any non-Muslim act or sodomy can be directly stoned to death. And of course, an extramarital affair is considered illegal.

  1. Sudan:

Under the sodomy law, three-time offenders of the homosexual act can be put to death. The first-time and the second-time offender would be facing flogging and imprisonment. The Southern region of the country has rather lenient laws than other parts of the country.

  1. Somalia:

The penal code of Somalia specifies prison. However, in certain southern parts of the country, Islamic courts have adopted sharia law and death penalty.

  1. United Arab Emirates:

Lawyers in the United Arab Emirates and other professionals do not agree on whether the federal law describes the death penalty for consensual homosexual sex or just for rape. In the latest Amnesty International report, the administration stated that it was unaware of the death sentences regarding the homosexual acts. All sexual arrangements outside of the marriage are completely banned and punishable.

While there are some countries who are pushing the limits, embracing, and promoting their rights, some countries cannot even bear their existence.