Countries where LGBT community is moving forward and countries that still fail to accept their reality

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 20, 2017 10:56 am

Countries where LGBT community is moving forward and countries that still fail to accept their reality


The struggles that LGBT people face has somewhat changed over the years. Today, LGBT people are struggling for their civil rights in the courtroom. Popular people from all across the world are now talking about their sexual orientation out in the open. In movies or TV series, we see various actors playing strong gay or lesbian characters.

However, even with these strong growths in the United States, the LGBT community still faces discrimination in different areas of society. There is no federal law that protects a person from losing his job because of his sexual orientation. The US military that is the largest employer in the America boldly discriminates against its gay and lesbian candidates. Fathers and mothers lose child’s custody just because they are gay or lesbian, and not to forget they are also not allowed to get married.

Over the years, LGBT people have struggled a lot, and over the years they have seen a massive growth in some parts of the world. However, in some parts of the world, the LGBT community is still struggling for their basic rights. Today we will see the countries where things for LGBT people are getting better and countries where things are getting worse.


Where Are Things Getting Better?

Some regions in Latin America have set some high standards for LGBT equality rights. The Sex Identity Law which was established in 2012 of Argentina gives the right to change the gender on the birth certificate for the transgender people. In the year 2010, the law also legalized same-gender marriage giving all the people equal rights that include the right of adopting kids. Mexico City and Uruguay also offer the equal marriage as well as adoption right. Recently Colombia also legally allowed the first same-gender union however marriage is yet to legalized there.

In Asia also, LGBT people are making some significant progress slowly. In the past year, Vietnam had its first rally for gay pride, and later it also launched an equality campaign in the workplace. It was also reported that Vietnam’s ministry has soon planned to legalize the same-gender marriage.

A rally named as Pink Dot that took place in Singapore gathered a crowd of more than 21,000, and it was the biggest crowd since the pride started. It clearly revealed that Singapore isn’t that conservative after all.

Cyprus- a place which is mainly occupied by Turkish people and the only place in Europe where homosexuality was still illegal. This is not the same anymore as the Human Dignity Trust reported a case against the European court of human rights and they won, and the city has now legalized the homosexuality. The Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister revealed their wish to revoke the law that illegalized the homosexuality. Also, the PM of Jamaica has expressed the similar desires. Javed Jaghai in June became the latest activist to start legal procedures to the struggles faced by anti-sodomy rules.

The places where situations are getting worse

Iran is a country where bisexuality leads to death as it is a punishable offence there. You think this is the worst that could happen? Well, the people who work in human rights department there explained homosexuality as a disease that has to be cured”. Sadly the condition is nowhere better in any other country in the Middle East.

Eric Lembembe who was the most important activist and openly was found dead in a home Yaounde. His feet and neck were broken, and he was burnt using an iron. The reports showed that the people who favored homosexuality were also harassed in these countries. After Lembembe died, gay activist expressed their problem and said that they cannot work until they are provided with security by international founders.

The anti-gay rules in Nigeria are also becoming worse day by day. The country recently issued a law that illegalized the same-gender marriage which is also punishable by imprisonment of 14-years. People here are also not allowed to form a group or community to support all the LGBT rights. A similar bill will be soon passed in Uganda in which homosexuality will be punishable by death. Additionally, parents, teachers, friends, doctors, anybody suspect a person being gay will also be penalized if they fail to report it to the officials.

The President of Zimbabwe said that the country would never legalize or accept homosexuality. He even called gay people “worse than animals”. There are total 38 countries in Africa where being homosexual illegal.

While most of the European countries are moving forward in this respect, Russia seems to be running back when it comes to accepting homosexuality. It punishes the people who belong to this community, and it also bans from allowing gay pride. The ferocity against the LGBT people is increasing day by day.