Easy Way to Access Resources for your Gay-Friendly Business

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. December 18, 2017 4:05 pm

Easy Way to Access Resources for your Gay-Friendly Business

Over the last one decade, gay-friendly businesses have realized a massive endorsement from many and digital hubs and non-profit organizations. As result, they have become a driving force throughout the country, giving the anti-gay businesses a stiff competition. With this kind of support, you have every reason to start a business that supports queer people.

More so, starting such a business gives you access to the right resources to support your business. The gay community supports their own by providing training, financing, and networking resources. Let’s look at how you can connect with some of these providers.


Training Resources

One of the strategies you can take to create a gay-friendly working environment is by offering employee training. This ensures that all your employees treat each other with respect regardless of their racial background or sexual orientation. Creating such an environment not only gives you access to the best talents in the industry, it also gives investors and clients the courage to do business with you. To help your business acquire success, you can turn to the following organizations for training

The National Chamber of Commerce for LGBT Community- the organization has offices throughout the country. It is also known to have resources and training material meant to help all those people who are willing to running gay-friendly businesses. If you wish to launch or turn your business into a safe hub for everyone, you can seek their assistance.
Gay Market News- this is an online market that acts as a portal for all marketing and networking opportunities within the community.
Echelon Magazine- the magazine gives you access to useful information on education, corporate diversity, and employment news within the community. It also covers workplace advocacy, financial, and economic development.

The San Francisco LGBT Resource Center- whether you are in such for micro-loans, counseling, and other workshop resources that are usually hard to find, this should be your one-stop center. The resource is located in the heart of Market Street and will gladly provide you with all the required assistance.
Start Out- this is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing one-on-one mentorship programs for the LGBT community. They have offices in six cities and are always willing to offer their support to all business leaders by availing their outstanding programs.


Financial Resources

Among many other things, you will require finances if you want to start a successful business. When running a gay-friendly business, you will need a financier who shares your views and interest in the LGBT community. In this case, you can reach out to the following organizations;

LGBT Outreach Initiative for Small Business Administration- the organization collaborates with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce to hold events that help business owners connect with the right financiers.

Accion- the group dedicates its resources to helping the under-presented business owners such the minority, veterans, and women among others.
Reaching MBA- this organization is dedicated to providing scholarship and leadership development opportunities to the LGBT MBA students.
Pipeline Angels Funding- the pipeline holds pitching summits throughout the year in a different location. If you are running a business, you can join the pipeline and get connected to women investors. The organization, however, has set some requirements to be eligible for financing. Your business must be within the US, be headed by a cis or transgender woman, be for-profit, and have a social or environmental mission.


Networking Resources

Networking is very important for business as it helps you connect with the right investors, skills, clients, and even suppliers. The following organizations can help you connect with right-minded businesses.

Gay Franchise- this is an online listing for gay and lesbian-friendly franchises which are a useful investment opportunity.
The Lesbian Business Community- this is a highly optimized organization that provides online exposure to businesses. The organization also helps connect you with new customers and other LGBT friendly businesses. The aim of the organization is to connect or similar-minded businesses and therefore all listed businesses must be LGBT owned or friendly.
Golden Gate Business Association- the members of the association meet at least once after every two weeks in Francisco to learn about everything including tech support, financial planning, and web design.

Dot426- this site offers networking opportunities, business advice, and career opportunities. Due to its nature, it is sometimes referred to as “LinkedIn”.
Out Professionals- this is a directory for all LGBT corporate professionals who have already come out of the closet. The professionals meet up once in a while to network and share resources.
Lesbian Business- this is a networking platform for all lesbian business owners that provides insightful interviews with successful women.