Facts About The LGBT Community

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 8, 2017 12:39 pm

Facts About The LGBT Community



Equality and freedom are two factors that come under the fundamental human rights, irrespective of their sexual orientation, or gender identity. While there were many steps taken to encourage LGBT community, they unfortunately still face huge discrimination in the society. This is the main reason why the people belonging to this community still fear to accept their sexual orientation in the society.

It is important for us as a society to accept the community as equal and encourage to live as freely as others are living. We should thrive towards the world where LGBT community should be considered as normal as being in any other community. However, before that one should educate himself/herself about the LGBT community that is hidden amongst us.

Here are some of the facts about LGBT community that you didn’t know-

  1. Around 70% of LGBT people belong to minorities:

In the year 2010, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs published its yearly report on hate violence motivated by gender identity, sexual orientation, and expression, and HIV status. The report details 27 anti-LGBT murders in the year 2010 which is the second highest yearly document from 1996. A surprising 70% of these 27 victims were the people belonging to color, and 44% of these people are transgender women. However, these statistics were never reported.

  1. 61% of LGBT people faced verbal abuse:

About 61% of LGBT people belonging to young age revealed that they have gone through verbal abuse because of the sexual orientation. On the other hand, 18% of these people said that they have gone through physical abuse because of their sexual orientation. It has also revealed that young men are more likely to face the abuse as compared to young women.

  1. LGBT workers of color have a significant risk of poverty:

Minorities are generally unnoticed for jobs. Seeing that being a part of the LGBT community, for some people, employment is very difficult, sometimes near to impossible. However, stereotypes about races leave a clear path of who most of the America favors and who it does not favor. So, it has become quite evident that not only LGBT people of dark color complexion are differentiated but specific races that belong to LGBT community are also targeted.

  1. A lot of them are still inside the closet:

While there are countries which encourage the LGBT community to be an equal part of the society, we are not sure that they have entirely succeeded. This is because there are a significant number of people belonging to LGBT community who still haven’t revealed their social orientation to the outer world. There are more chances that the people ranging from 16 to 24 years old will stay in the closet.

  1. LGBT people having a dark skin complexion are generally overlooked:

Often, we see transgender people crowdfunding the houses even though they are working on multiple jobs. More than often, such campaigns get underfunded. White people will straight away replace the people having a dark color complexion without showing any support or help. This is compared to white transgender people who are raising funds for sex. A transgender woman of dark color complexion put in her fundraiser to collect money for her basic living as she was thrown out from the job because of discrimination of color and then she was immediately asked to remove her post as it desecrated “community policy.” White people love to tokenize people of dark color’s voices to promote the community, however; they don’t actually support these people.

  1. It is illegal to have same-sex marriage in 72 countries:

There are 72 countries in the world that criminalize same-sex marriages or relationships. The penalty can range from imprisonment to death. 

  1. 80% of black gay men reveal that they have dealt with racism in the gay community:

A survey revealed that 80% of black men, 75% South Asian men, 79% Asian men, and 64% mixed race men have experienced racism in their gay community.

  1. There are not a lot of people to protect LGBT community:

In over half the countries in the world, people who belong to LGBT community get no support from the society at all. They are not protected against discrimination in public places, workplace, or any other place.

  1. The murder rate has increased significantly:

Between the year 2008 and the year 2014, 1,612 transgender people were killed in 62 countries in the world. This means that one person was killed in every two days. 

  1. Most government denies the right to change gender:

Generally, more than half of the government doesn’t accept the right to change their name and gender.