Gay Celebs Who Got Married

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. September 25, 2017 5:28 pm

Gay Celebs Who Got Married

They say films are a mirror to the society and reflect all that the latter presents to the former. The ever growing fandom of Hollywood movies suggests that the realities or the ideas that they are packaging are consumed worldwide. These are appreciated and acknowledged and in demand ideas and concepts.

America, the land of dreams, stood true to its name when it fulfilled many dreams of gay couples to stay together, by legalizing marriage between people of the same sex.
The American Celebrities who were most rejoiced by the announcements took to social media by thanking the government and thus started a trail of dreams that has led to many successful gay couples going ‘just married’.

Hollywood has accepted the gay relationships and is now more and more movies coming out with strong gay characters as well. The main credit goes to the famous gay celebrities couples who made a bold step to come out in the open and encourage other people to change their perspective.
Here are the top gay couples in Hollywood, how are great inspiration for all of us-


1. Elton John and David Furnish:
In December 2014 Elton John created headlines when this legendary popstar hot married to his partner David Furnish. The couple had been with each other since 1993, and John finally proposed to David in the year 2005. It was on 21 December 2005, when this couple got married after being a partner for quite a long time, and they decided to get married into the same when they started dating 9 years back. Today, this couple is parenting two beautiful children who were born in the year 2010 as well as 2013 from a surrogate mother. David Furnish is an established Canadian film director and was titled one of the Britain’s Best Dressed Men by GQ.

2. Jim Parson and Todd Spiewak:
Who can forget the very geekish-ly adorable “Sheldon Cooper” from ‘Big Bang Theory’? Jim Parsons, the man who made geeks and scholars so likable and trendy in American society, is another example of the same. Parsons is one of the newer faces of the Hollywood world, however, he has been in a relationship with Todd Spiewak for around 10 years. In the year 2013, the couple made the first public appearance when they received an Inspiration Award at the 9th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards. Together they have a production company today labeled as ‘That’s Wonderful Productions’, LLC. Even after 10 years of being together they never fail to give us major love goals.

3. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka:
Another American Series actor, the “legend-wait for it-diary” Barney Stinson, the Casanova played by Neil Patrick Harris broke many hearts when the man announced his love interest. The couple first met each other in the year in 2004 and began dating soon. During that, Neil hasn’t officially announced that he is gay. However, when David did a cameo role in the famous “How I Met Your Mother”, the speculation surfaced that he got the part because he was seeing cast members of this show. This made Neil officially announce his sexual orientation to the People Magazine in the year 2006
The couple is parents to fraternal parents to twins, Gideon Scott and Harper since 2010, and in September 2014 they finally tied the knot. The couple is famous for their adorable, yearly ‘family themed’ Halloween photos.

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia:
The comedian, and famous chat show host, Ellen DeGeneres was yet another celeb who rejoiced to the legalizing of gay marriage announcement. Undoubtedly one of the most loved Celeb worldwide, Ellen became a ray of hope, positivity, family-fun and through her quick wit and sensitivity towards others, she earned a lot of praise and hearts across the globe. She never hid her sexuality from the media or anyone since her Chat Show, aired. She met her current partner Portia de Rossi, in the year 2004. The following at Emmy Awards we saw the couple making their first ravishing media appearance.

in the year 2008 Ellen finally proposed to her partner Portia with a beautiful diamond ring and after a couple of months, the couple got married in a close wedding ceremony.
These were only a few and most talked about Celeb couples. There are many others. Tell us which ones are your favorite, or how you came to know about your favorite couple tying the knot. Or you can even tell us which gay couple broke your heart!