Gay-friendly Accommodations Are All About Attitude

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 17, 2016 11:00 am

Gay-friendly Accommodations Are All About Attitude

The Gay European Tourism Association revealed that LGBT tourists in Europe spent a yearly sum of between 48 to 52 billion Euros.  Gay and lesbian tourism is at its peak with this type of consumer spending the most in tourism dollars across the board.

A new marketing trend among the gay and lesbian community is the ability to take a vacation that is classified as a coming out party of sorts.  With billions of dollars in advertising money in play, it becomes hard to ignore this particular sector of people.  

With that in mind, many hotels and other businesses within the travel industry asked themselves what they could do in order to make their accommodations more gay friendly.  As a result, the travel industry responded by creating specific accommodations suited to the LGBT community as a whole.  

Searches in Google for “gay friendly travel” and “gay friendly accommodations” meant that the travel industry had stood up and taken notice of the needs of this group of people.  Many advertising companies within the travel and leisure communities created marketing plans that were designed to sell travel arrangements just to the gay and lesbian communities.  

Gay cruises and tours were created in order to satisfy this growing market.  Exclusively gay and lesbian resorts sprang up in order to meet the needs of the market.  It has been said that these new accommodations do not actually differ from those created for the non gay and lesbian market, but that they drew in the extra money because of the need for the LGBT community to travel and enjoy their leisure time with likeminded individuals.

Some restaurants and other establishments that were seen as gay-friendly did not actually identify as such and had employees who merely performed their jobs and left.  They did not go out of their way to identify themselves as such and showed no preference for individual guests.  

When it came to travel arrangements, persons involved in a same sex relationship felt they had to hide their relationship because they feared that it would cause them problems upon arrival.  Overall, this is a giant marketing potential because more and more gay and lesbian couples allocate increased personal funds toward traveling.  When on vacation, they spend more on dining out, activities, and other vacation items.  

Gay and lesbian couples were also less likely to have children, which meant that they were more likely to arrange their travel during off-peak days.  It has been found that LGBT couples have an increased tendency to return to vacation destinations if they felt that they were welcomed without question regarding their sexual preferences.  

When creating a marketing plan that discusses the accommodations best suited for gay and lesbian clientele, it comes down to the business’ and employees’ overall attitudes on the subject.  When met with a positive travel and vacation experience in which they felt welcomed, gay and lesbian couples were more likely to return.  When returning to vacation destinations, they also spent more money on expenses.  In offering the best accommodations for LGBT travelers, the positive attitude of the person welcoming them to their destination made one of the biggest impacts on whether the travelers came back.