Growing Your Business With Online Marketing

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. April 15, 2016 10:05 am

Growing Your Business With Online Marketing


Online Promotional Tools

Online marketing and digital promotional tools can be a key asset for new startups as well as existing businesses that may be struggling to establish their brand or find their place in today’s crowded and competitive market. Optimizing inbound traffic to a professionally designed site though use of search engine optimization (SEO)pay per click (PPC) marketing tools, or email marketing lists can ensure businesses are able to attract and acquire greater volumes of potential customers and prospective clients. Cultivating positive reviews and testimonials and leveraging social media services to create a ‘ripple effect’ can also ensure businesses are able to enjoy enhanced growth and improved revenue.

The right online promotional tools and solutions can assist any business to achieve their goals for growth and expansion by ensuring they can:

  • Attract and acquire new clientele with greater ease
  • Establish and maintain their own unique brand
  • Make contact with the customers and clients most likely to be seeking their products or services

Relying solely on conventional marketing resources and outdated advertising techniques can impede growth or find even the most promising businesses struggling to stay competitive or achieve profitability.


Professional Site Design and Layout

In addition to serving as the public face of a business, the right website also plays a central role in any online advertising strategy. Growing your business through use of resources like SEO or PPC services designed to increase site traffic can be of little practical value when visitors are provided with a site that is outdated, unattractive or difficult to navigate. The first step towards ensuring online marketing efforts are met with success is to ensure your business is able to utilize a quality website.

Website design and layout can also provide businesses with the chance to showcase their own unique brand or cultivate the right image. Graphics, fonts and layouts that reflect a certain style or utilize a specific look can often create a more lasting impact on visitors. Incorporating a motto, logo or mission statement can also help businesses to further cement their brand or ensure that potential customers and future clients are more likely to view their business in a positive light.


SEO and PPC Marketing Strategies

With customers using the Internet to determine who they will do business with in greater numbers than ever before, maintaining a higher search ranking and increasing inbound traffic volume are of paramount importance. PPC marketing, which more expensive than SEO and offering only short-term benefits, can be an amazing resource for launching a new business, promoting a sales opportunity or capitalizing on time-sensitive opportunities. PPC is a proven and effective resource for businesses seeking to grow and expand in the short term. Some companies like Folding Bike Reviews use various CPA offers to promote their sales.

SEO marketing provides a more cost-effective way to market businesses online, one that will continue to be of benefit in the long term. Many customers seeking specific products or interested in certain services are unwilling to browse through page after page of search results in order to find what they need. SEO services are an effective resource for growing your business by enhancing its online presence and optimizing exposure to greater numbers of clients and customers.


Mobile-site Optimization

Configuring a site to support mobile browsing was once little more than a novelty. Today, failing to provide visitors who may be browsing on their tablet or smartphone with the same ease of navigation and attractive layout as a desktop site can be nothing short of a disaster. Today’s consumers are far more reliant on their mobile devices when it comes to tracking down the right product or finding a service provider better suited to their needs. Mobile-site optimization is one aspect of a professional website that your business can no longer afford to overlook.


Cultivating Positive Reviews

Businesses that fail to cultivate positive reviews and customer testimonials can be placing themselves at a very serious disadvantage. Word of mouth advertising is more important in the digital age than ever before, and aggregating and posting positive feedback will ensure that your business is less likely to suffer the consequences of having negative reviews posted to their-party review sites and online services. The right review can provide the added encouragement needed to convert potential leads into actual revenue.

While positive reviews that are more general in nature may be beneficial, a more focused marketing strategy may be able to produce superior results. Identifying and outlining specific issues, concerns or reservations common to your clientele and posting positive reviews or customer testimonials detailing that aspect of your product or service can dispel doubt and encourage greater numbers of customers to make an initial purchase. The right reviews can be a crucial asset for ensuring online promotional and marketing strategies are able to be as effective as possible.


Leveraging Social Media Sites

Creating content that customers and clients choose to share across social media sites or producing marketing media that has the potential to go viral can often provide a greater return of investment than many business owners would have imagined possible. When properly leverages, social media sites can be used to contact and influence customers in greater numbers than would be possible using any other means. Even the most well-crafted marketing strategies may be unable to meet expectations should they fail to include social media.


Flexible Marketing Strategies are More Easily Adapted to Meet the Changing Needs of a Growing Business

Growing your business successfully means facing different challenges and adapting to circumstances that can change very quickly. Creating an implementing online marketing strategies that afford greater flexibility ensures that marketing efforts can grow and change along with your business. Just because a promotional tool or marketing effort is effective today does not mean it will continue to provide the same level of results in the days to come. Businesses that fail to adapt their marketing efforts to keep up with changing circumstances may find it all but impossible to sustain the growth they need to ensure a more successful and secure financial future.