Having a Diverse Workforce Pays in Building Stronger Businesses

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 15, 2016 9:19 am

As with anything, building a diverse workforce pays in the long run in the ability to build a strong foundation for businesses all over the world.  Businesses that are inclusive of members of the gay and lesbian community are able to bring forth creative ideas and innovations that businesses who are not LGBT friendly may not see.  It has been proven that companies that do not encourage diversity or inclusive behavior will not have a more creative workforce because employees aren’t able to show their true selves.

Before companies can encourage inclusive behaviors, they must first acknowledge that their workers are different.  Businesses would do well to ask themselves whether or not they are encouraging and monitoring diversity so that they remain aware of what is going on with their workers.  They should also ask themselves if they are looking at the bigger picture or whether their thinking is narrower in its processes.  Lastly, they should ask if outsiders feel like their company is open to the encouragement of diversity within the business.

Creating a balanced workforce is the key ingredient to ensuring that employees are diverse in all aspects.  

Companies that take responsibility for their level of diversity by making leaders accountable can move forward with the creation of the diverse environment.  In addition, successful and creative companies who ask their employees if they feel that the business is inclusive will show their values in creating diverse environments.

LGBT Diversity

It is a proven fact that diversity within businesses works to create an environment that encourages performance that meets or exceeds expectations.  Businesses that are ranked

Open and inclusive businesses are better suited to creating connections with their consumer base because inclusive employees know what more consumers want overall.  

Increase diversity within the marketing department creates an emotional intelligence that connects with a larger, more diverse audience.  In the U.K. alone, the LGBT marketing opportunity is worth £81 billion.  Many persons part of the LGBT community commented that they would be more likely to make purchases from companies that were considered LGBT friendly and inclusive.  That is a large chunk of a market that marketing companies cannot afford to pass up.  

By working toward the creation of an all inclusive working environment, gay and lesbians who can demonstrate their truest selves are able to tap into their own levels of creativity better.  It has been said that employees who are not out at work do not perform as well on the job.  Those employees that are out inside the workplace have a tendency to be more productive and creative, leading to a higher quality of work overall.

Businesses that are diverse and inclusive in their hiring practices will often see a stronger employee and customer base.  Installing measures that keep track of employee diversity will go a long way in helping the business grow and achieve a larger chunk of the advertising pie.  Businesses that encourage openness and diversity in the workplace are more likely to have a loyal customer base as opposed to companies that do not welcome diverse employees among their workforce.