The Influence of the LGBT Community

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. November 4, 2016 9:44 am

The Influence of the LGBT Community


People may have begun to realize the influence of the LGBT community. There have been many ways in which this lifestyle has started to become approved in all areas of society. From the government support to the actual marrying of those who choose within certain churches that support it. The LGBT community is increasing.

The LGBT community is a growing and thriving community. It is also boasting over $3.7 trillion dollars in net worth. Because of this, it has a loud voice in the community for equal rights and inclusivity in all areas of the economy, work place, and public life. Businesses and organizations that choose to include and support this community may have better opportunity for increased value through honoring this lifestyle.

There have been many brands that have started to embrace this lifestyle in their advertising. Ikea was one of the first to promote it. Since that showing in advertising in 1994, there have been others such as Fisher Price, Moss Bros, and VisitBritain. It is becoming more and more popular.

There have been various Pride events worldwide that also give businesses the opportunity to partner with and promote products and their support for this lifestyle. Some may only promote change during these big events, just trying to gain more customers through their seemingly supportive stance by adding rainbow logos in conjunction with their own but throughout the company they do not follow suit is this type of support. This has become known as ‘pinkwashing’.

The LGBT community is supportive of the companies and organizations that support inclusion of them. They do want to ensure that the company is also doing so within the organization and not just talking the talk. Walking the walk is important to this community as well. This can include putting policies in place that protect LGBT rights, putting these types of people in higher level positions, providing authentic and transparent work environments, and being sensitive to the issues this community might be facing.

Massow Financial Services was specifically aimed at providing services to LGBT people as they had been refused or quoted higher premiums by others. Another was Emerald Life who provided financial services for the LGBT community. It is something in which many people do not understand this type of lifestyle and therefore do not try to help them as efficiently as others. Customer service is critical to gain the LGBT community as loyal consumers. Sometimes this is simply just the employers taking seriously the training needed to ensure that all people are treated equally and with the utmost respect.

Some believe that more and more companies are joining in support for the sole reason of money. Others realize that because it is becoming normalized, organizations will not lose support from conservative view points either. It does put businesses under scrutiny by some. The overall benefit is for the LGBT community though, as it does continue to help make this lifestyle one in which is seen as normal and allowed in society.