LGBT Views

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. October 13, 2016 8:59 am

LGBT Views


Discrimination against the LGBT community, whether intentional or subconscious, is more widespread than one would imagine. The main reason for this is because it’s not been a socially acceptable lifestyle. Many would debate whether it should be or not. It comes down to people’s beliefs, values, and morals. Some people do not see this lifestyle as an issue at all, many of whom are straight themselves. Others find it unnatural and just not a biologically sensible way to live. Others believe, because of their religious views, that it is not something that is permissible to participate in. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is discrimination is happening. There are many movements today that want normalize this lifestyle.


It is as with any idea, the more common in excepted it is, then the less stigma and bias against it will be in existence. The discrimination in the LGBT community is real. There is a large number of employers who may not come out and say it, but will deny a person who seems to be a lesbian, gay or bisexual person a job with their department or company. Lesbian gay bisexual or transgender people are often offered lower pay rates even when the individual is more qualified than a straight employee. It is still legal in thirty-one states to fire someone based on their orientation or gender identity.


The fear is what drives the uncertainty about differences in the hiring and retaining of the LGBT community. When someone is unsure how to act or interact with someone that is different than them, it can be easy to just avoid those type of people, rather than embrace the difference as an opportunity for the company to grow and be diverse. This is a key part of why this discrimination is occurring, people do not know what do with or how to handle people that are different from them in this way. There is a stigma about the LGBT community; there are jokes that surround the lifestyle accompanied by negative comments and prejudice interactions.


Gay marriage is one of the most rejected ideas of the movement as some believe that it is fine to have that desire but not to consider it marriage because it would defy the original definition and meaning of what marriage stands for according to some beliefs. It is important to recognize the prejudice that surrounds this because one may never know what another is walking through if he or she does not seek to understand how difficult that could be for someone. It is extremely taxing to feel looked down upon and almost not fully human because of a decision made to follow a certain orientation of sexuality or desire. Unless society sees this lifestyle as normal, none of that will change. If it does become more noticed and acceptable, the world will see a difference in lovers choosing the gender of their choice rather than be persuaded or predestined by the communality of what society believes to be love.