The myths that need to be shattered about LGBT people

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 17, 2017 6:35 pm

The myths that need to be shattered about LGBT people


There are lots of things that people don’t know about LGBT community. One such thing is the myths about them, that makes an important element by which society judges them. Today, let’s learn about the myths that are associated with the LGBT people.

Myth #1: Homosexuality is unnatural

This is probably the most common myth about homosexuality that people come across. It is very natural to be sexually attracted to the same sex and certainly, there isn’t anything unnatural about it. Not acting on these attraction means one is hiding their sexual orientation which is not good for them. This myth is also backed by another myth that sexual intercourse is formed only to conceive children. However, you will find many heterosexual couples who don’t have kids on the other hand LGBT people raising kids.

Myth #2: The cause of bisexuality and homosexuality

The origin of heterosexuality or homosexuality is not known. Some people think that they are born with it, and research also interprets that sexual orientation of an individual is decided before birth or early stage of life. On the other hand, some people think that all human beings are inclined to all sexual variations, and they learn to give preference to their orientation. However, the cause of homosexuality is not important. People should be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Myth # 3: Gays, lesbian, and bisexuals are the only people attracted to own sex

Generally, adults have strong feelings, fantasies, and/or attractions to both the sexes. Over the time, researchers have constantly confirmed that heterosexual, as well as homosexual people, have different sexual experience with same sex and opposite sex people.

Myth # 4: LGBT people are more sexual than non-LGBT people

This stereotype or myth is carried forward by the fact that the people who are more sexual are more “out there.” As more homosexual people are coming out of the closet, the stereotype of them being promiscuous or sexual is reducing. LGBT people are very much capable of monogamous, stable, and faithful relationships as any other people.

Myth #5: People choose their sexual orientation

People often believe that they didn’t choose their sexual orientation. Instead, they were quite aware having feelings for their same sex at an early stage of their life, or their feeling comes out when they reach the adult years. People who are LGBT often belong to heterosexual parents and lives in a society dominated by heterosexuality. The important thing to understand is that homosexuality is not something that is learned. If this was the case, the LGBT community would be far greater than it is today. Making someone homosexual is not possible. Homosexual or heterosexual orientation is something that people determine themselves.

Myth #6: Certain behavior, physical characteristics, or clothing depicts LGBT people

LGBT people come different sizes, shapes, colors, and other characteristics just like heterosexual people. So, people who think that you can spot a homosexual people by their certain behavior or physical appearance, couldn’t be more wrong.

Myth #7: Non-Binary is equal to intersex

Let’s get this straight that these are two completely different things. When it comes to non-binary, it is about having an identity that doesn’t come under male or female. Some people classify them in two spirited or gender queer, on the other hand, some identify them by androgynous, gender neutral, or gender fluid. Intersex, on the other hand, is about having a physical sex that is not identified as specific sex.

Myth #8: LGBT people are mainly young, non-religious, and white

Looking into the history, you will find LGBT people from all ages, religions, and cultures. At times, homosexual people may have to make a choice between their religion/ culture and sexual orientation, for identification even if the choice seems incompatible. Some religions are very supportive of human diversity, and they even celebrate it.

Myth #9: All transgender people are gay

Gender identity and sexual orientation are completely two different things. One of them is the gender we see ourselves being. Being gay on the other hand is what sex we are romantically or sexually attracted to.

Myth #10: Transgender people are just confused

Just because an individual seems different doesn’t necessarily mean he/she doesn’t know what their orientation. Sure a person who is generally looked as women might not feel comfortable in a body of a male. And there might be some transgender people who are uncomfortable in their body and want to change that. On the other hand, some choose to be okay with their present form. The point is that none of their choices make them confused.