Out Now Launches Training Program for LGBT Tourism

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. December 7, 2016 3:11 pm

Out Now Launches Training Program for LGBT Tourism

According to a consumer spending study published this November, the global value of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) travel market has grown to more than USD$211 billion annually. The research was published at World Travel Market, London by Out Now, a specialist consulting firm. Ian Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Out Now, represented the firm at the 2016 conference.

Out Now published their findings based on research conducted internationally as part of the LBGT2030 program. Johnson presented the research to attendees as part of the new training and certification program during the LGBT Masterclass education workshop. The presentation encompasses Out Now’s new research for the 2016 season.

“The global LGBT market continues to be one of healthy growth and opportunities for a growing number of travel industry participants,” Johnson stated. Johnson went on to outline his belief that much work remains to be done in the LGBT consumer market, which continues to raise its own expectations. Johnson addressed his intention to improve in the areas of communications, strategic development, training, and quality assurance. The goal is to provide a consistent level of welcome and respect for all travelers. “The new 2016 valuations of this market show that targeting LGBT customers is not only the right thing to do – it is also smart business.” Johnson said.

Out Now continues their global certification and training program by partnering with TravelMarketReport.com, a US-based tourism website. The partnership aims to help travel agents increase their sales from LBGT tourism by training and certifying more than 20,000 new agents. Although the program is global in scope, the primary target remains North America.

Travel Market Report considers the partnership a positive step for training agents with a focus on LGBT tourism. Speaking of the goals of the new training and certification program, Executive Vice President of Travel Market Report Anne Marie Moebes said their readers are “…seeking the proper training so they can serve and earn the trust of LBGT consumers when booking their vacation and travel plans.”

The partners concluded their agreement at World Travel Market, London in 2015. The new program launched for all travel agents at the 2016 conference under the title Learn.LGBT. The program’s success is predicated on the continuing growth of the LGBT market, which has shown an annual growth rate of 2.0% for each of the past three years according to Out Now’s LBGT2030 global research program. The study shows negative LGBT travel consumer spending growth in only two markets, Italy and Argentina.

The LGBT2030 program sourced its data from more than 130,000 participants in a global research panel. Respondents from 18 different countries contributed to the 2016 survey, which targeted the LGBT markets for their viability and accessibility to the global travel industry. The survey seeks to reflect the travel spending habits of LGBT people currently living in each country. Respondents from India reflect only that subset of the population with Internet access.

USA 60.8 2.5
Brazil 26.4 1.4
Japan 20.4 1.1
Mexico 10.7 2.3
Germany 13.3 1.1
Turkey 6.2 3.4
France 11.2 0.6
UK 11.3 2.5
Italy 9.0 -0.4
Spain 6.8 0.6
Colombia 4.9 4.7
Argentina 4.2 -0.2
Poland 4.4 2.7
Canada 6.9 2.2
Australia 6.5 2.3
Netherlands 2.9 0.4
Israel 1.3 2.8
India (part) 4.1 5.7
211.3 2.0