How To Organize Gay Weddings

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. October 27, 2017 3:54 pm

How To Organize Gay Weddings

You might be reading this article because you are gay and are prepared to get married! To begin with, you are absolutely lucky. People across the United States of America are rejoicing the Supreme Court’s rules on same-sex marriage. The new regulations support same-sex marriage. This means you can walk the aisle with your best buddy and partner. Doesn’t this sound amazing? If you are going to host a same-sex marriage ceremony, you plan ahead and act smart. You should take into consideration many important factors.

Same-sex marriage doesn’t stop with event planners and local businesses. You must make sure the event is a success among colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors. You should try and host a friendly ceremony. Also, you must bear in mind that gays and straights will be at your ceremony.

You must not make any mistakes on your same-sex marriage ceremony. If possible, spend on an experienced and a talented wedding planner. Check if the wedding planner has organized similar ceremonies before. Most wedding planners walk an extra mile to satisfy clients. They take care of all challenges and hassles that could occur during the ceremony.

Above all, you must not panic. Young gay couples feel scared and worried about their big day! Just like straight couples, gays undergo lots of pressure and doubts. This is why you must plan ahead and hire the market’s best event organizer. Experienced organizers can create accurate budgets and keep everything under control.

With this being said, here are top few points you must keep in mind before organizing a same-sex marriage ceremony.


#1 Know the Crowd

To begin with, you must identify the ceremony’s audience. Target audiences play an important role in the entire ceremony. They can lighten or “ruin” your big day. So, be very careful and smart when you choose the guests. Your invitations should prepare the guests. Ensure the voice and tone in the invitations. It must relate to both straight and same-sex partners. Try to use terms like “we are engaged” instead of “bride and groom”. Also, choose “Wedding Party” over “Bridal Shower or Party”. Attention to small details can do wonders.


#2 Create a Positive Impression

In this modern era, couples use social media networking sites to create an impression. Your first impression is very important. You must spend time with your partner and review the brochures, social media posts and wedding plan! Keep a watch on the language used. Also, take plenty of “cute” photographs and “nothing” rude. Same-sex marriages are often judged. You will be present to a diverse group of people. First impressions really matter! So, try hard and create a promising one.


#3 No More Gender

Throughout the wedding, you must not assume roles based on the gender. Try to think beyond gender. Don’t restrict your relationship to feminine and masculine needs! Same-sex marriages need customized services. The priest and wedding organizers must be aware of this. There must be no assumptions or surprises. When the wedding is organized, all services involved in the ceremony must be notified. The pair must be treated like normal couples.


#4 Expecting Support?

Rarely do same-sex partners receive support from their friends and families? Marriage equality is an “antique” topic. Though same-sex marriages are accepted around the world, many families are less supportive. Couples must be mindful of their family situation. They should not believe and expect family support. Also, they must be prepared to override family traditions.


#5 Forget the Bride

Do you know that many wedding ceremonies are often organized by the brides? More than 70% of the weddings are organized and planned by young women. Unfortunately, gay marriages don’t have “girls/brides”. The decisions are made by two souls, who go beyond traditional brides. To know more on how to organize weddings, the couples should research and do plenty of groundwork.


#6 Your Language

More than 80% of the world believes that gays and lesbians use offensive language. On your special day, refrain from using offensive phrases and words. You must be watchful of every word spoken. Technically, the word “Homosexual” is not offensive. However, terms like “Homo” can mean meaning things. Also, you should not use the term “LGBT” or “Gay” anything. To make everything appear appropriate, stick to words like “Couple”, “Partner” and “Love”.


#7 Diversity!

Last but certainly not least, you should diversify the ceremony as much as possible. Let your dear ones feel amazed and connected. They must forget about religions, ages, races, and ethnicities. They should admire your love and the ceremony. So, showcase your creativity and planning skills at the wedding.