Parenting Tips for Same-sex Couples

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. January 2, 2018 5:12 pm

Parenting Tips for Same-sex Couples

With homosexuality becoming more acceptable in the society, more gay or lesbian couples are becoming proud parents. But, they are still many issues that they would encounter and needs to be dealt with properly. Many same-sex couples often wonder if they would become good parents.

Here are some of the challenges that come with same-sex parenting –

  • Face Prejudice – Even though the society has become more matured and appreciate same-sex couples, some people are not very open-minded. Same-sex parents often face discrimination from other people in various walks of life.
  • Misconception – Many people also feel that same-sex couples will not be able to provide the same love and care that different-sex couples can provide to a child.
  • Difficulty in Talking about Sexuality to their Children – Many gay and lesbian parents find it difficult to talk about sex with their children.

Here are some great tips shared by experts on gay parenting

Answer all questions appropriately and openly
All children are curious about their origins and might have questions about their birth parents. They will also have questions about their parent’s sexuality and their own. They will also be worried about how their family is being perceived by the society and might want to know how to talk to others about their family. It is important for parents to answer these questions that are appropriate for their maturity level. It is best to avoid any overload of answers and let them know that they can come back again if they have any more questions. Kids do not have to know every minute detail and you should not feel that your privacy is being invaded.

Respect their Feelings
Children raised by same-sex couples often differ in their feelings compared to straight parents. While many have felt being loved and happy when they were kid, many felt feeling sad for being disliked by peers or expressing fear that others may find out about their gay parents. Children too have the right to feel what they want and should be respected even if you do not agree with it. It is important to teach your children to express their feelings in a polite manner.

Meet their physical and mental needs
Just like children of straight parents, children of same-sex parents also have the same needs. They want to be loved, be accepted in the society, be able to spend quality time with their loved ones and be encouraged to achieve great things. It is the responsibility of the parents to meet these needs.

Teach your children about tolerance
Children learn from watching their parents and others. It is essential that you teach them about tolerance and respect by discussing about diversity and treating others with kindness even if they are different in many ways from them. You too need to have the same attitude towards others to ensure that your children learn the same thing.

Allow children to fight their battles
Not every situation that your children get in needs your intervention. If your child in is some danger, you might want to step in. But at other times, it is best to allow them to resolve the conflict on their own and be the bigger person in stressful situations. If you keep stepping in to fix their problems, they will never learn and will have low self-confidence once they grow up.

Get Support
While there are people who say derogatory things against homosexuality knowingly, there are also who are unaware. It is essential that you find ways to educate others about it. You can encourage your child’s school, church, neighbors or library to support your family be discussing on the topic. You can also suggest educational materials to your child and others that will help them become more acceptable.

Spend Time with Loved Ones
Since it is essential for children to be accepted by the society, it is necessary that you spend time with your families and also with others that you have things in common with.
Even though the society is still struggling to accept same-sex marriages, it has not stopped same-sex couples from becoming parents. Research shows that same-sex couples are more successful at parenting than straight parents since they are more motivated and committed than them. Gay and lesbian couples are more tolerant, open-minded and understanding that helps them become more successful as parents. Even though being a gay parent will come with its own challenges, it is essential to stay strong and keep doing what is best for your kids.