Silly Arguments to Ban Gay Marriages

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. September 7, 2017 11:44 am

Silly Arguments to Ban Gay Marriages

Same-sex marriage has always been a debatable issue among many countries. While some countries have accepted and even legalized same-sex marriage, some are yet to wrap their head around this idea.

So what they do? They provide different arguments why gay marriages should be banned. Here are some of the silly arguments people put forward to ban gay marriages-


  1.    It is against Nature:

The most popular argument against gay marriages is people saying that gay marriages are not natural and it is not the natural way of life that God has provided us with. Of course, there is no validation in this argument about same sex marriage but instead, people have just made up their mind that it isn’t natural. They need to know that nature didn’t create marriages, we, humans did. This argument shows a lot about our continuous obsession with heterosexism and homophobia of the people who support this statement. In fact, it is about not accepting homosexuality rather than disapproval of same-sex marriage.


  1.    It is Against a Particular Religion:

In America, the Christianity-based community has highly opposed gay marriages. They opposed because according to Bible same-sex marriage is considered as a “sin.” These arguments are made by those who are constantly looking to justify that discrimination against same-sex marriage is indeed valid. Religion has nothing to do with marriage and in order to marry your partner, there is no requirement to have a religious ceremony.


  1.    Marriage is for Reproduction:

When arguing about same sex marriage, people often associate marriage with procreation and raising children. They go against same sex marriage because people of same sex cannot reproduce and hence, they shouldn’t be allowed to get married. The reproduction process is a part of heterosexual marriage but that doesn’t state the validity of such marriages. There are many heterosexual couples who are unable to produce kids naturally or couples who don’t want to have kids at all. The people who put forward these arguments forget the fact that people also marry for different reasons other than procreation such as love, companionship, and friendship.


  1.    Homosexuality is Changing the Established Institution:

People argue that marriage is between a man and a woman and they think it should stay that way. Moreover, they add that people who are trying to legalize same-sex marriage are trying to change the institution and making things worse. Although if history is to be considered then the cultural norms have been changing constantly across the globe. We once lived in a world where women were legal assets of their husbands. People from different races aren’t allowed to get married. And we have also seen the time when not even a single country in the world legalized same-sex marriage. Today, we are beyond that, so putting forward institution in the articles isn’t making a strong point.


  1.    It will negatively affect the children:

People who oppose same-sex marriage often go against its legalization because they think it will negatively impact children. They say that children need mom and dad to have a healthy life and if same-sex marriage is legalized then the children will be deprived of a normal childhood. However, psychological reports revealed that there is no difference on a kid if he/she is raised by same-sex couple or opposite-sex couple. There is no solid evidence that proves the fact that same-sex marriage impacts the framework of any kid.


  1.    States have the right to oppose same-sex marriage

This argument states that different states have right to make their decision about legalizing same-sex marriage including their right to ban it as well. However, there is a system that allows certain states to accept same-sex marriage and some not. This also lets the federal government accept same-sex marriages at the state level.


  1.    Civil union:

Some people who are against same-sex marriage support the platform of separate but equal. In this platform, heterosexual and homosexual people get equal relationship rights and advantages but under separate frameworks. They debate that marriage should be exclusively for heterosexual couples and same sex people should be awarded civil unions. However, history states that this approach doesn’t work and it is certainly not providing everyone with equal rights as it claims. These people think that an opposite-sex couple is superior to the same-sex couple that is why the latter group of people should not be given the privilege of marriage.  


As you can see there is no logical reason to ban gay marriages rather it is a notion that people have in their head. It is high time that countries from all across the globe accept homosexuality and give equal rights to the people.