Top Jobs for Gays and Lesbians

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. October 27, 2017 3:42 pm

Top Jobs for Gays and Lesbians

Are you gay and jobless? Are you wondering if you have many career opportunities? According to a recent study, there are many job opportunities for LGBTs. From adoption agencies to community work to civil rights authorities, gays have many positions and places to work. With this being said – here are few jobs for transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual.


Job #1 – Therapist

The list of jobs for gays begins with “Sexuality and Gender Therapist”. Many therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists work with patients from the LGBT community. Gays make great therapists. They understand all issues linked with sexuality. These therapists work with patients and help them identify psychological and emotional aspects of the shift. Both individuals and families go through a tough time. this is when sexuality therapists become useful.


Job #2 – Event Organizer

In the past few years, many events are organized for gays. These events are organized by LGBTs and straight communities. From the Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia to the Summer Celebrations in San Francisco, there are many prideful events for gays. These events attract more than 2 million visitors every year. Apart from annual feasts, many neighborhoods have weekly and monthly parades for gays. These events need promotion and professional support! They must be organized with lots of care and concern. Consequently, many production and planning jobs are created.


Job #3 – Attorney

Legalities around gays are complicated. Legal formalities differ from one state to another. There are special laws governing adoption, same-sex marriage and employment. Over the years, many campaigns are organized to promote transgender rights. These legal issues are yet to be resolved. The world needs skilled gays and lawyers for these battles. Gays and lesbians with knowledge on civil rights can apply for jobs in ACLU and Lambda Legal.


Job #4 – Communication Specialists

It is not a surprise that the LGBT community has a distinguishable voice. Many media channels and social networks rely on this “voice”. May it be the high-profile campaigns or a small, local organization, gays and lesbians are found everywhere. They help in crafting stunning campaigns. This is why gays and lesbians become excellent communication specialists. Gays have many opportunities in advertising, public relations, event organization, press strategizing and marketing. The demand grows by leaps and bounds during the election season. Most politicians see their future in the eyes of gays and lesbians. Politicians believe that gays are a unique group of people with remarkable vision and voice.


Job #5 – Non-Profit Organization

Every year hundreds of non-profit organizations are opened to support LGBTs. These organizations focus on rectifying various LGBT issues. As mentioned previously, they handle issues like same-sex adoptions and marriage. There are active communities in international, national, state and city level. These organizations offer a wide range of employment opportunities. From managerial openings to entry-level roles, there are many openings. Few famous non-profit organizations are “Human Rights Campaign”, “GLAAD” and “Amnesty International”. In addition to offering new jobs, these organizations have solved many LGBT problems.


Job #6 – Unions

If you walk through metropolitan areas, you will see unions that work for gays and lesbians. These unions are responsible for addressing the needs and problems of nearby LGBT communities. Most of these unions have special services for queer teenagers and adolescents. Anyone facing issues at home or in college can approach the unions. These unions are often managed by gays. LGBTs interested in social work and psychology signup as youth counselors. This is a meaningful opportunity that has helped hundreds of gays and lesbians.


Job #7– Writing & Reporting

Another interesting job gays and lesbians would be news reporting or writing. New outlets and social media networks are powerful outlets for the gay community. May it be Pink News, Huffington Gay Voices or Autostraddle, there are specific channels for gays. If you have sound writing and reporting skills, you can connect with one of these groups. Though the market for gays and lesbians is small, it is budding! Both gays and lesbians can work in the background and promote their views.

Adoption agents and marriage officiant are two more jobs for gays.