Top Las Vegas Destinations for Same-Sex Couples

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. November 6, 2017 3:21 pm

Top Las Vegas Destinations for Same-Sex Couples

Are you planning on a same-sex marriage? Do you wish to host a lavish ceremony? If yes, Las Vegas is an option for you. This is a world-famous destination for same-sex marriages. Las Vegas is completely different from other cities. It has classy restaurants, unique types of people and scope for outlandish experiences. Las Vegas attractions people from different parts of the world. Not to forget, it can give same-sex couples a sensational wedding experience.
Why should you marry in Las Vegas?

When you decide to host a wedding celebration in Las Vegas, you will receive many packages! These packages come with champagne, bouquets, entertainment, boutonnieres and more. If you are planning to invest more and dive deeper, you will have special venues and themes for your big day. With this being said, here are few ideas and venues in Las Vegas for same-sex marriages.


#1 The Evergreen Caesar’s Palace
The list of venues for same-sex couples begins with the “Caesar’s Palace”. This is an interesting destination with numerous packages. The venue can accommodate 200 people. If you are looking for a party-sized destination, Caesar’s Palace is a great pick. There are so many places to choose within the Caesar’s Palace. For instance, you can pick the Venus Garden. The Venus Garden is known for its floral landscapes, palm trees, and antique Roman architecture. Another interesting garden at the Caesar’s Palace would be the Juno Garden. This is a luxurious venue that can accommodate up to 240 guests.


#2 The Intimate Flamingo
“The Flamingo” is similar to the Caesar’s Palace. The Flamingo is both picturesque and secluded. It is a set away in 15 acres of land. Same-sex couples can host wedding ceremonies in the lawn, near outdoor pools and artificial waterfalls. Now, doesn’t this sound amazing? The Flamingo features 12-foot trees and one-of-a-kind trellised archways (white). These landscape items are definitely intimate and beautiful. The Flamingo can accommodate up to 100 guests. If you wish to live stream your wedding ceremony, Flamingo is a great choice.


#3 Plan an Elvis Themed Ceremony
The talk about wedding destinations for same-sex couples will remain incomplete without “An Elvis Themed ceremony at Graceland”. This is a stunning wedding chapel. The chapel has a history that dates back by 5 decades. Throughout the year, Graceland Wedding Chapel features Elvis performances, officiants and in fact, Elvis gives away the bride! If you are an Elvis fan, this is definitely a spot for you.


#4 Party and Exchange Vows Near the Pool – Mandalay Bay
Same-sex couples looking for cabana weddings in Las Vegas should visit the Mandalay Bay. This is an 11-acre pool with beautiful chapels that can hold 50 to 100 guests. Mandalay Bay has a traditional environment. Of course, this is a unique destination in Las Vegas. The Bay features many wedding packages. Two famous packages would be the Cabana Ceremony and Shark Reef. People looking for outdoor weddings should try the Sun Villa Ceremony package.


#5 Prepared for a Helicopter Wedding?
If you have few thousands to spare, you need to host a helicopter wedding. These weddings work with Maverick Helicopters. Couples who want to stay away from the Vegas strips and reach the sky, find Helicopter weddings interesting. You will marry as you fly over the surrounding desert and strip scenery! At most, three guests can accompany the same-sex couples.


#6 A Traditional Ceremony at the Wynn
For centuries, the Wynn has hosted elegant weddings in Las Vegas. If you want a stylish ceremony, the Wynn is a perfect choice for you. At the Wynn, you will receive elegant wedding offers and salons. These packages come with experienced wedding consultants. One of the classiest spaces for a Wynn ceremony would be the “Tranquility Hall”. This venue is present at the Encore. This is a luxurious and a stunning destination for champagne toasts, send away speeches and vows.
The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, Las Vegas has so many splendid options for same-sex couples. This is definitely a must-visit destination. If you are prepared to spend some money and host a one-of-a-kind ceremony, Las Vegas is where you should be. At Las Vegas, you will never be questioned on how you spend your big day. The place is known for its colorful and lively nature!
Before you choose a destination for your big day, be clear on your budget and needs! Also, ensure if the destination offers special deals and discounts for same-sex partners.