Top LGBT Travel Blogger Around the World

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. October 9, 2017 4:28 pm

Top LGBT Travel Blogger Around the World


Whether on streets, homes, or workplace, people of LGBT community have been inspiring the world. Apart from giving life goals, they are also giving, major travel goals as well. let’s look into some amazing LGBT travel bloggers who are giving us major travel goals.


  1.    My Gay Travel Guide:

Whether it is a gay rodeo in Akron or Berlin’s Christopher street days, Adam Groffman has seen it all. Adam was once graphic designer who quit his job in the year 2010 and took a 15-month travel trip. Today Adam has become a one-man travel business himself. In fact, his travel stories are so wide that they all cannot be mentioned in one blog, thus he also has another blog names Travels of Adam. In that blog, he writes from a view point of hipster. The whole blog mentions the different hipster city guides that will help you plan your next adventure trip.


  1.    Quirky Travel Guy:

This blog reminds you that you don’t have to be an exotic destination, to have fun. You can be in a small town in the middle of nowhere and still, you can have fun. In this blog, writer Scott covers the undiscovered places he visits all around the United States of America along with Mexico, Canada, and Alaska. It also covers LGBT issues as well. His recent posts included his visits to Indiana, the birthplace of Michael Jackson, Church-Wellesley Village gayborhood in Toronto.

  1.    Landlopers:

Matt Long is the owner of Landloper and he labels himself and a normal modern person who once used to live in cubicles but now found his passion for traveling. In his blog, he focuses on his travel observation and also provides travel advice to people (irrespective of their sexual orientation). He makes his post in the form of listicles like “top 5 things to do in Iceland” and “top 10 things you should know when you visit Iceland.” Contrary to other travel bloggers, Matt Long doesn’t just write about the good things, he is more of truthful blogger. He also mentions the things that upset him about the city.


  1.    Globetrotter Girls:

In the beginning, the blog started as a normal travel blogger started by a lesbian couple, however later they got separated Dani is the only one who is working this blog currently. In the year 2014, she started her journey from Malta and explored Coney Island Mermaid Parade to Las Vegas. This travel blog provides great tips related to traveling on shoestring and how you can use the house sitting to achieve your travel goals.


  1.    Two Bad Tourists

The young couple of Two Bad Tourists have a quite unusual way of traveling and exploring the place. They undoubtedly are great travelers, but they don’t seem to great tourists because they don’t visit the usually recommended tourist places. Their blog covers everything from coming out of the closet to going backpacking across the glove. They have covered many places such as Indian, Ghana, Greece, Brazil, and Ethiopia. They also write about the topics such as applying for residence visas and Couchsurfing.


  1.    Vagaybond:

Chris and Jim are another gay couples who travel all across the world, meet gay people from each part and make friends. In the blog, they share their experience of different culture, drink, food and everything that they have celebrated there. They offer quite a unique perspective on being gay travelers as their post isn’t just focused on being gay travelers, it is also about their entire experience. They advise about what to do, where to stay, and where to eat, and every other little thing that a normal travel would want to know. They have visited places like, Mykonos, Black Sea, Istanbul, and Bangkok.


  1.    1Dad 1Kid:

This is an interesting travel blog where a single gay father is living a nomadic life with his son. They have been on the road since the year 2011 and explore the unraveled destinations of Macau and Morocco. Talon Windwalker in his blog covers different topics that include the life of gay people in Muslim region in Malaysia and family travel in Antarctica.


These were top LGBT blogs that make us all quit our jobs go backpacking around the world. When you read these blogs, it makes our travel bucket list expand. Of course, we missed out a few other blogs but there are so many that a single article wouldn’t suffice. For now, explore these blogs and get mesmerized by their travel stories.