Top tips for how businesses can support the LGBT community

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. August 7, 2017 9:52 am

Top tips for how businesses can support the  LGBT community

The whole idea of LGBT isn’t something that should cause any issue; it isn’t something that people should fight about. However, there are many leaders out there who just don’t understand the need to promote the LGBT community and thus they highly risk the reputation of the business.

Every other day we hear or read about the homophobic assault in the workplace, further solidifying the mistrust of a leader in LGBT community. It is time to put a stop to all of this and take a bold step towards achieving a greater goal. Business leaders have great power to influence the society, and they can start by creating an inclusive environment in their workplace.

Here are some great tips to promote LGBT people in the workplace-

  1. It is all about basic human rights:

Some things that just don’t need to be explained such as don’t be hateful, ignorant, discriminate, and don’t tolerate wrong deeds. Make sure that you are inclusive and respectful towards the LGBT people. Actually, these are some rules that are applicable to every human irrespective of their sexual orientation, and it is something that you shouldn’t forget.

  1. Aim at creating diversity:

When you are inclusive it is not just all about following the law, it means taking a step towards encouraging diversity in the workplace and celebrate it. A mere assumption that people know how you feel about LGBT community is not enough, so you need to make sure that you are truly in it and supporting it fully.

  1. Take the first step even if you are standing alone:

Being the first one to support and encourage LGBT community might be scary, but you have to be brave. Even if you know that no one stands by you or it doesn’t matter if there is no homosexual in your organization, ensure that you reassure your employees that you stand by the community. When your employees put trust on you, it would greatly help your company to grow as a whole.

  1. Know the LGBTQAI:

Sure there are a ton of letters to keep in mind, and you might not see every rainbow flag color in the company, however, getting yourself educated about what you are standing for might be a good idea. You need to understand and know the significance to you as well as your employee. This is probably a basic step that you need to take. 

  1. Be respectable about the multiple discrimination:

Sexuality, physical ability, skin, gender, and skin are unfortunately still something that holds people back. A person is more likely to face one or other sort of discrimination at some point in their life. A good efficient leader understands the multiple discrimination there ensures that no such factor stands in the way of the employee’s growth.


  1. Encourage role models:

Promote LGBT people who are senior to step forward and support the new people of the community. There is a serious lack of LGBT role models in the business and putting them forward means that you are encouraging people who are hiding in their closet to come out and grow without any fear.

  1. Encourage straight allies:

LGBT straight allies people can certainly be a powerful factor when wanting to achieve inclusivity. An international support network of LGBT allies allows the people to come together without having to come out of the closet. This tip is more effective in countries that are less inclusive. MigVapor is one of those allies, and they offer the best wax and vaporizer pens in 2018.


  1. Support the Transgender:

The T in LGBT stands for Transgender and generally has nothing to do with sexual orientation. However, many people think opposite of it. They are the people who are a minority of the minority and sadly face invasive questions, discrimination, and rumors, and also get overlooked in the business organization. This is the main reason why it is important to support transgender people. 

  1. Make a mark in the society:

Business industry has a great power to shape our society. Supporting local LGBT people; take a step forwards volunteering and building up networks events. Convey a message that you care about the LGBT community and ready to take necessary steps to create a greater society.

  1. Money matters:

Do you know how famous and well-known celebrities took so long to come out of the closet? It is mainly because they feared that their value would not be the same once the world knows they belong to LGBT community. If business leader starts supporting and encouraging the LGBT people, the whole society would benefit from their power.