Worst Places for LGBTs in the United States

  1. Jill Andrews
  2. January 12, 2018 10:25 am

Worst Places for LGBTs in the United States

In the past few years, many cities in the United States have become gay-friendly. Cities focus on equal treatment and rights for transgender, lesbians, bisexual and gay. However, all corners of the country are not covered. You will be fascinated to know that there are some American cities where same-sex marriage is a major issue.
A few months ago, the Pew Research Center organized a survey to understand states that appreciate and avoid same-sex marriage. The Survey declared that same-sex marriage was appreciated in Massachusetts around 10 years ago. And, in the next few years, it will be recognized by all 35 states.

It is quite interesting to note that 4% of cities in the United States had an equality index less than 10. The cities were scored between 0 and 100. These cities are not prepared to access the LGBT community. Experts attribute these figures to the personal and closed nature of the cities. People are more personal and not ready to support gays. Most neighborhoods discriminate same-sex marriages.

There are many practical reasons to promote same-sex marriages. For instance, gays and lesbians are lively people. Cities that support the LGBT community have better real estate values, greater return on investments, pleasant lifestyles and emotional values. In fact, LGBT communities showcase better business connectivity.
With all this being said, there are few cities that don’t support gays.

#1 Southaven

The list begins with Southaven Mississippi. This city scored “0 out of 100”. This is the only Mississippi city to score such a low figure. There are no programs or policies in the city to take care of the LGBT community. In the coming days, Southaven may support same-sex marriage with court decisions. However, there are plenty of uncertainties. Experts predict that the city would detail court orders to avoid the LGBT community.

#2 Irving

Another city with a score of “0 out of 100” is Irving, Texas. Irving is one of the 4-major cities in Texas without a great score. This city doesn’t focus on the LGBT community. In fact, all the city policies ignore gays and lesbians. However, Fort Worth and Dallas are improving significantly. These cities enjoy a score of 91 and 83 respectively. There is a minimal drive in Irving for same-sex marriage, but, things are likely to change in the coming years.

#3 Lubbock

Lubbock is another Texas city with a score of “0 out of 100”. In the year 2005, locals at Lubbock voted to define marriage as the union of woman and man. The city fights against same-sex marriage strongly. There are many bans in Lubbock on gay marriages. The Federal Judge declared these bans as unconstitutional. Today, the state is re-appealing on the judgment.

#4 Mesquite

The third city from Texas is Mesquite. This city has a score of “0 out of 100”. Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas was criticized for making comments on homosexuality. Perry was for same-sex marriage. In a speech, Perry related alcoholism to homosexuality.

#5 Great Falls

Moving on, Great Falls in Montana has a score of “2 out of 100”. This is the lowest a Montana city has made. And, it tops in the list of 10-cities that don’t favor the LGBT community. Montana is currently a minority state. It doesn’t and will not support same-sex marriages. Many same-sex couples have filed cases in the Federal Court. However, these cases didn’t go far!
Digging Deeper!

Through the 2016 Federal Ruling declared adoption as a right for every same-sex couple, many states don’t agree! The ruling made by Judge Daniel Jordan was denied and rejected in 33 American states. These states don’t have any law to support same-sex couples focusing on adoption. In Alabama and Texas, there are taxpayer adoption institutions and child welfare bodies that deny children to same-sex couples. In fact, sever states (this includes New York) have regulations to prevent gestational surrogacy.
On the other hand, many birth parents are looking for same-sex couples who can take care of their children. They prefer same-sex couples over different-sex partners. That is because same-sex couples prove to be financially stable and happy. Luckily, you have many agencies to support LGBT-friendly adoption. Whether you live in Colorado, Kentucky or Burlington, you have adoption agencies to help you. These cities support and welcome same-sex couples with young children.
Finally, LGBT youth are rejected in some states. A study done by the San Francisco State University revealed that many young children are denied and thrown out by families. These children are more like to develop AIDs or commit suicide!