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Baltimore Gay Friendly Business Directory

Gay Baltimore, The Best LGBT Locations City Wide

Known for its city wide support for the LGBT community, Baltimore has some great restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and other attractions that provide an excellent experience for any LGBT member. We’re going to show you a few of our favorite locations here in LGBT Baltimore that you might consider checking out if you’re looking for great places to eat, dance, or to simply enjoy time with a group of friends.

If you are searching for restaurants in Baltimore that provide a friendly LGBT atmosphere and also want to enjoy genuine American food, look no further than the Grand Central Club. Located right in the heart of Baltimore, the Grand Central Club offers just what you would expect, a friendly LGBT environment with great food, beer, and spirits. Not to mention, the Grand Central Club also has an excellent Happy Hour for discount beers and spirits that anyone can enjoy. If you are eighteen years or older, the Grand Central Club is for you! Be sure to visit this great bar if you are in the Baltimore area.

Another great Baltimore LGBT community supported bar is a place called the Drinkery. This is a great place for guys and women alike who enjoy their beers, spirits, and new age Americano foods. On a sunny day, you can enjoy your meal and a cold, local brew great outside dining area. Attend the Drinkery on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for some lively karaoke entertainment. Visit the Drinkery at 205 West Read St. Baltimore.


Third on our list of favorite LGBT friendly restaurants is a bar known by the locals as Mixers. Mixers has a very friendly LGBT atmosphere while offering the best drinks in town! The best part is the location – as The Mixer is located right in the heart of Baltimore. Though the Mixer does not have a website of their own, you can find many other extremely good LGBT reviews from others who have had an exceptional experience visiting this bar. Grab your friends and visit The Mixer at 637 Baltimore Street, Baltimore.

If you are looking for a LGBT friendly club, we recommend checking out Gallery One. If you enjoy electronic music, dancing, and some of the best beer and spirits in town, don’t miss The Gallery One Club! You’ll have a fantastic time! Must be 18.

Baltimore has many opportunities, activities, and eateries that are LGBT friendly. We encourage you to take the time to browse our Gay Baltimore directory for more LGBT friendly businesses in Baltimore.