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Believe it or not, there are many businesses in the city of Boston Massachusetts that are actually LGBT friendly. By browsing our website, you are going to be able to use a business directory that will guide you to locating the many LGBT friendly businesses right here in the Boston area. Additionally, we are going to tell you below a few of our favorite gay restaurants located in Boston that we highly recommend you go check out.

One of our very favorite gay restaurants located in Boston Massachusetts is called the Trophy Room. The Trophy Room offers a fantastic LGBT friendly atmosphere while also offering some of the most tasteful American food you have ever experienced. Additionally, if you truly enjoy dining outside, you certainly want to give Trophy Room a visit because they have the excellent outdoor patio for all of their diners. Additionally, if you like your beers, spirits, and enjoy family-friendly environments that offer dancing and live music, Trophy Room is most certainly for you. You can actually locate their restaurant in the heart of Boston Massachusetts.

If you are willing to spend a few more dollars than usual on your Boston Massachusetts dinner, we highly recommend that you take the time to go visit the Cathedral station. The Cathedral station offers a great alternative to old Western American food as well as providing some of the beers you would have found in the early 1800s. Keep in mind, while visiting and dining at this LGBT friendly environment restaurant you’re going to need to expect to spend at least $20 per meal.


Another personal favorite of ours concerning LGBT friendly bars, is a bar widely known by local residents as the Alley Bar. The Alley Bar is a absolutely fantastic bar that provides a very professional yet family-friendly LGBT environment that can be enjoyed by anybody who is 18 years or older. Additionally, while visiting the Alley Bar you’re going to also enjoy all of the TVs that are scattered across the walls playing in covering your favorite sports. This is a absolutely fantastic place to visit during the Super Bowl season. If you began looking for the Alley Bar, you will be able to find their location right in the heart of Boston Massachusetts.

Additionally, we also like to recommend several clubs in the Boston Massachusetts area which LGBT members can go to while experiencing a friendly family environment. Whenever people ask us about which gay club is the best in Boston Massachusetts, we always find ourselves recommending a club known as Guilt. Guilt provides one of the best LGBT atmospheres that anybody could ever experience when clubbing. You are going to enjoy multiple music styles, live performances by popular DJ artist, it will also enjoy all of the spirit drinks at a discounted price if you are from the local area.

Be sure to view the rest of our LGBT business directory for Boston Massachusetts to find the best LGBT environment friendly businesses in the area.