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Frequently Asked Questions

Are people really that ignorant in 2019? would not exist if all people were gay friendly. In other words, discrimination against LGBTQ people not only exists in today’s society, it is one of the leading topics of conversation.

Why aren’t more businesses engaging the gay community?

Fear and ignorance have been the main contributors holding back marketers from engaging with the LGBTQ community. In the past, supporting gays may have resulted in fewer sales due to consumer boycotts. Now, it’s the opposite. Companies need to consider personalities outside of their own comfort zone in order to include all people.

What does it mean to be gay friendly?

The term, “gay friendly” means that places, policies, people, or institutions are open and welcoming to LGBTQ people.

What is the buying power of the LGBTQ community?

In measurable terms, if the LGBTQ community was a country, it would be the 4th largest economy in the world. Believe it or not, LGBT buying power is on par with other minority groups however, LGBTQ ad-spend is significantly lower. The main reason is due to many companies viewing this demographic as risky. Another reason is, they simply don’t know how to market to this growing demographic.

Why should I advertise to this smaller demoghraphic instead of everyone?

First off, the demographic is not small. The overall population is becoming more diverse but the diversity is changing. Capturing and embracing the growing LGBTQ community is a must in the competitive and fast-changing marketplace.

  • 47% make purchasing decisions based on a company’s diversity policies.
  • Over 70% of the LGBT community are influenced by companies who advertise directly to them or sponsor LGBT organizations.
  • 64% – 65% of the LGBT community will tell friends about a company they like (or don’t like).
  • The motivation for buying is mainly based on trust and quality.

  • Do LGBTQ people really care about companies that are trying to earn their business?

    There’s several factors why people do business with others. Statistics show that between 21%-38% of gay and lesbian individuals look at LGBT themed publications and advertisements when choosing products, services, and travel destinations. - FAQ - Smartphone Usage - FAQ - Discover - Media Consumption - FAQ - Hands Together - FAQ

    26% more gay men and 28% more lesbians visit LGBT websites this year than the previous year.

    Over 90% of those seek businesses who actively identify as supporting both equality and human rights.

    Newspaper and magazine consumption has lowered over 65% over the years due to digital advertising.

    Almost 44% of the entire non-LGBT adults in the US have a strong support mentality regarding equality and human rights.

    How can marketing to LGBT people online help my company?

    The social and political landscape is evolving rapidly. Developing a clear, actionable understanding of this dynamic and influential demographic has never been more important for your company. Here are a few reasons why:

    • 78% of gay online users prefer companies who advertise directly to them.
    • Members of the LGBTQ community are three times more likely to be online than the average person. Gay men and lesbians are avid tech users and are more likely to own a variety of devices – especially iPhones and iPads – compared to their straight counterparts.
    • 59% rely on technology to manage their life via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In general, people in the US spent more than twice as much time accessing the internet through smartphone applications than desktop computers. However, smartphone ownership among gay consumers has accelerated at a faster rate compared to the national average and is now nearly ubiquitous, especially for gay men.
    • 40% of LGBTQ individuals use websites like daily.

    How do you market your website?

    Our network of websites allows us to be highly ranked for organic search on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also spend thousands of dollars on online pay-per-click advertising to help drive traffic and attention to our website.

    How many people use this site?

    We have hundreds of thousands of visitors use this site each year. The traffic generates almost 2 million page views which makes the leader in this advertising vertical. In addition, anyone looking for a gay friendly company can just search for them using long-tailed keywords. For example, you’re looking for a plumber in your city, let’s say Austin. Go to your favorite browser (Google, Safari, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and search for “gay friendly plumbers in Austin”. The search engine results page shows all current advertisers. It is an effective way to search for any company that is gay friendly in your area. It’s a great way to have a select few companies to choose from rather than an alphabetical list or combing through hundreds of competitors. The main advantage is that you already know that the company is gay friendly which is the entire purpose of the website.

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