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Gay Friendly Counselors

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Find and Locate Gay Friendly Counselors


If you are going through a hard time in your life or simply need someone to talk to, you can count on the services of a counselor to listen to your problems and offer advice.  Counselors are available in many different fields and are educated professionals that are state licensed in their fields of expertise.  


Marriage Counselors

Marriage counselors will listen to your marital concerns and problems with an emphasis on compromise and mutual understandings.  These professionals work to achieve a common goal for the married parties.  Gay friendly counselors can provide marital services to the LGTB community in the same manner that services are offered to persons involved in heterosexual marriages.


Addiction Counselors

Counselors specializing in addiction are ones that help provide treatment options for persons suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.  Counselors in this field can provide a legal alternative to sufferers of substance abuse issues as opposed to having them treated like criminals.  Gay friendly addiction counselors can help with issues that are specific to the complex environment of the gay and lesbian community while tackling tough substance abuse problems.


Grief Counselors

Death is an unfortunate reality for everyone in the world and if you have lost someone, a grief counselor can help you through each stage of the grieving process.  It is hard to deal with such a profound loss of life, but a qualified counselor can help you get through the difficult times in your life.


Depression Counselors

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, there are counselors available all over the country that can help you work through this mental health problem.  Depression counselors can work to assess the level of depression of which you are suffering and help you work toward a solution.  


Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors work in school environments to help students get through everyday problems that come up.  Counselors can offer a listening ear to students, help with mental health issues, and stay informed on problems faced by the student body.


Rehabilitation Counselors

Rehab counselors work with individuals who are disabled and help them to lead happy and productive lives.  These counselors work with the mentally ill, developmentally delayed individuals, and those suffering from illnesses that are debilitating.  Many of these gay friendly counselors assist individuals with their every day care and needs.


In any case, you should check through the services offered by gay friendly counselors in the directory and select one that best meets your needs.  Most of the types of counselors listed are required to have a license by the state in which they operate.  

Gay friendly counselors are available to assess the needs of the gay, lesbian, and transgender community while understanding and being compassionate toward persons who pursue alternative lifestyles.  

When contacting a counselor for your needs, verify their licensure and ask for information on their field of expertise.  Don’t be shy when it comes to hiring a counselor because this is going to be someone who is intimately familiar with the things that are important in your life.