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Gay Friendly General Contractors

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Find and Locate Gay Friendly General Contractors


A General Contractor is a licensed or certified professional that works with clients to coordinate the completion of a home improvement project or new home construction.  General contractors will oversee the project and manage any hired subcontractors until the work is done.  In some cases, these contractors have also specialized in a trade like electrical or plumbing, so they may also handle construction related to their trade as well.

You may be advised to hire a general contractor when speaking with an architect as plans are drawn up for your home’s construction or project.  A qualified, gay friendly general contractor will assess your vision for the project; estimate the costs of labor and materials as well as any costs associated with hiring out subcontractors.  At that point, you will be provided with an estimate of the entire costs of the project as well as a time frame of which the project is expected to be completed.  


A general contractor will handle the coordination of the entire project with regard to the payments, subcontractor’s schedules and licenses, and payments and the entire budget for the project.  When seeking the services of a general contractor, you should be clear with your expectations surrounding the services provided by him or her and the people he or she supervises.  

In the United States, each state has the responsibility of laying out the different licensing requirements for individuals and companies that wish to perform construction work on homes.  License requirements, examinations and fees all vary from state to state, but the primary focus is that the licensee has the necessary qualifications to ensure that the project is done in a safe fashion that abides by local laws.

General contractors will discuss the scope of the project and manage the costs of the building materials and subcontractor’s charges.  When planning a new addition, home construction or simple project, discuss who will also be working on the project, especially if it’s inside the property.  The contractor will work hard to ensure that all time frames are met and budgets are adhered to during the entire process.

Prior to hiring a general contractor in your state, check with the state’s Board of Contractors to verify the contractor’s license.  Typically, each state maintains a searchable database so that you can learn if the individual or company has the qualifications necessary to perform the work you require.

The General Contractor will hire out and pay the subcontractors who work on the trades necessary for completion of your project.  These trades are plumbing, electrical, roofing, HVAC and more.

Depending on what you need done, you may only require the services of a subcontractor.  General contractors are perfect for larger projects that require coordination for many subcontractors.  While these tradesmen can all come together to perform work, a general contractor is necessary to verify their licensure, ensure the subcontractors get paid and adhere to their schedules.

General contractors also carry insurance so that their subcontractors are taken care of in the event of an accident.  Persons licensed in every state will usually have to pass a background check in order to receive their license and have extensive experience in their trades.  To obtain verification, contact your state’s Department of Commerce or Revenue to find out what you need to do to verify licensure in your state.  As with anything, proper research is the key to finding a trustworthy contractor to fit your needs.