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Gay Friendly Heating Contractors

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Find and Locate Gay Friendly Heating Contractors


Heating contractors are professionals who are licensed by the state to install and repair heaters, vents, ducts, furnaces, thermostats and boilers.  If a heater breaks or is in need of repair, a licensed heating contractor can be contacted for remedying the problem.  In addition, heating contractors are also the ones to call if you feel that your heating bills are too high despite having taken measures like insulating attic spaces or purchasing new windows.  Heating contractors will be able to examine the existing heating system in your home along with the duct work to advise you on whether or not a problem exists.

NATE Certification

Your heating system is something that you should rely on and therefore, you should expect a quality gay friendly heating contractor to hold a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.  This certification deems the contractor as meeting the highest of standards with regard to professionalism and technical competence in the heating industry.  In order to be NATE certified, heating contractors must pass a rigorous examination process.  Additionally, those contractors who have received NATE certification must participate in continuing education classes to keep up with the changes within the HVAC industry.




Heating contractors are required to carry insurance, which may include liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance or business insurance.  Insurance coverage offers protection and compensation to the contractor for damage that may occur during their time on the job.  


In order to become a heating contractor in most of the United States, a license is required.  This means that the contractor is fully knowledgeable in all of the rules, regulations and proficiencies designed for quality work within the field.  

If you wish to verify that the heating contractor holds a license in your state, ask to see their license number.  You should then search out the contractor’s license verification in your state to ensure that you are dealing with a professional.

Below are descriptions of the types of heating contractors depending on the work done and the equipment being installed, maintained, or repaired.

Gas Heating Contractors

Gas heating contractors will use natural gas or propane appliances in order to heat your home.  A quality contractor will inspect your current heating system to determine if there is a way to save on the costs of heating your home.  As such, a more efficient furnace model may be suggested in order to save money on heating bills.  Gas furnaces should heat the home with at least 95% efficiency and anything less should be replaced by a licensed professional.  

Propane is more expensive in some areas and has to be stored outside of the home in tanks.  You may use less propane compared to natural gas, but the amount of money saved will be used toward the purchase of this more expensive product.

Radiant Heating Contractors

Radiant heating contractors will install tubes underneath the flooring of your property in order to efficiently heat your home.  These contractors typically begin as heating or hydronic contractors and specialize in installing the necessary tubes on the property.  

Radiant heating tubes can be part of a new home’s construction or a remodel.

Geothermal Heating Contractors

Contractors who specialize in this area of heating a home or property drill trenches surrounding the property in order to transfer the heat from the earth to the home.  

Solar Heating Contractors

Being licensed for solar heating is not done on a state level for this particular type of heating solution.  However, those persons sitting for this exam will receive certification that may lead to more jobs in this trade.

Having the contact information of a gay friendly heating contractor is essential to the repairs, replacement and maintenance of heating solutions in your home.