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Find and Locate Gay Friendly Therapists


If you are in need of help through a difficult time or need a listening ear, a therapist can provide you with confidentiality and care that you can trust.  Gay friendly therapists are available all throughout the United States and are intimately familiar with the issues that many people in the gay and lesbian communities face.

When dealing with a skilled therapist, going through therapy sessions can be a life changing experience for you.  Therapists listen intently to your problems, ask questions, and help you to realize solutions.  It is an effective solution for a variety of problems and conditions.  

Considering going through therapy is a great first step in healing yourself while remaining an active participant in your recovery.  Therapy provided by a licensed and experienced gay friendly therapist can be the key ingredient to helping you overcome problems and identify solutions.  

If you are not yet sure that therapy is right for you, consider how you have dealt with your problems on your own thus far.  Therapy is a great resource for everyone – because we all face our own sets of problems regardless of our age, level of education, or income.  Therapy can give you concrete expectations in helping you solve your problems and identify issues before they escalate.

Using our directory, you can find a licensed and well qualified gay friendly therapist who is familiar with the types of issues you face.  If you are not sure about which therapist is right for your particular situation, consult our detailed directory to learn more about the listed therapists.  


Marriage Therapists

Similar to counseling, marriage therapists will have a meeting for all parties involved and work through problems to achieve solutions that are equitable to both parties.  Other sessions are offered to individuals as part of the marriage dynamic in order to better understand how to achieve compromises to shared problems.  Gay friendly marriage therapists understand and have compassion for their patients.  



In this field of therapy, psychoanalysts help patients delve deeper into the subconscious to figure out the roots of various behaviors, habits, and desires to determine their effects on the patient’s current situation.  



This is a job where the mental health professional identifies patient problems and treats them using counseling and psychotherapy in order to help the patient.



Psychiatrists utilize talk therapy to help the patient get through problems, but they are also able to prescribe medications that treat various mental health conditions.  


If you are new to the idea of going through therapy and aren’t sure where to start, our directory provides a wealth of information on gay friendly therapists in major cities.  Before seeking out the services of a therapist, you should determine what kind of therapist is best suited to help your situation.  

Before reaching out to a licensed therapist, consider all of the benefits you will receive as a result of going through therapy sessions.  Therapy can work wonders for anyone who is committed to getting the help they need and taking an active role in their own lives.