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Gay Friendly Veterinarians

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Veterinarians are doctors who provide medical care for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions or injuries in household pets.  Gay friendly vets operate in most states in the United States with a prime focus on providing excellent preventive care and treatments.

Vets provide four-legged family members with the same quality care that their human counterparts receive.  Just like seeing a medical doctor, dogs and cats can receive a medical diagnosis, treatment or care in a hospital or clinic setting.

In addition to offering treatments, veterinarians use x-rays and blood tests to determine a proper medical diagnosis.  Vets will examine the pet using a stethoscope, thermometer and other familiar equipment.  

During checkups, vets will observe pets to determine the presence of an illness or condition.  To combat disease in the pet, veterinarians will provide the pet owner with prescription medication for the animal, just as humans receive from medical physicians.


Different Types of Vets

Eighty percent of veterinarians work in smaller clinics, private practices and small animal hospitals.  Others work in research labs and are responsible for the study of new medicines designed to keep household pets healthy.  A small number of vets work for the federal government and another small number work with horses exclusively.


Vet Educational Requirements

In order to become a licensed veterinarian, interested parties must go to college and receive a Bachelor’s Degree.  Afterward, additional schooling is required through four years of veterinary college.  At this point, the vets-to-be learn surgical procedures, how to do lab testing and how to work with small and larger animals.  

Upon completion of veterinary college, prospective vets must pass an examination in order to be licensed to practice.  Licenses are typically displayed in offices, but can be requested if verification is needed.


Vet Specializations

Just like regular doctors, following licensure, vets can receive specialization in radiology, dentistry, oncology, cardiology, internal medicine and more.  Vets who specialize in any of these fields go through intensive training.


Trusted veterinarians are the key to bringing a healthy lifestyle to household pets throughout the United States.  These licensed professionals can provide quality care through preventive medicines and advice.  

When you become a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide the proper health care for your pet.  Within the first month of pet ownership, you should have your new family friend checked out by a licensed veterinarian.  Following an initial visit, visits should continue twice yearly in order for your pet to receive the proper maintenance and care.  

Always observe your pet to ensure that proper medical care is given when a condition or disease presents itself.  It is best to have the name and telephone number of a licensed veterinarian before you need it.  Proper research into veterinarians can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.  Many gay friendly veterinarians offer services for cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles and other household pets.  

Many fields of veterinary medicine overlap, so when searching out information for local vets, ensure that they take care of preventive and emergency medical needs for your pets when needed.