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Indianapolis Gay Friendly Business Directory

Indianapolis Gay Business Directory

Home to hundreds of businesses that support and promote Gay pride, Indianapolis offers great entertainment for anybody to enjoy when looking for a positive LGBT atmosphere to experience. Right here our website, we provide the most comprehensive Indianapolis gave business directory which anybody can use for free to find businesses who truly support the LGBT community. Down below, we have provided several personal favorite businesses that we recommend you visiting if you’re looking for a positive LGBT atmosphere while dining, going to a bar, or going to clubs.

The first restaurant that we would like to recommend to you if looking for a positive LGBT atmosphere is a restaurant known as the English Ivy. The English Ivy, offers one of the best pub style bars in the Indianapolis area and also provides a excellent LGBT atmosphere experience for those of you who decide to go. Offering great English food, craft English beers, spirits, and a great environment for hanging out with friends, significant others, or families, you can be sure to truly enjoy this restaurant located in downtown Indianapolis. Their doors open at 1:00 PM for lunch, and close at 1 AM the next day. If you’re looking for great drinks and great atmosphere to experience, be sure to visit this business.


Another great downtown Indianapolis restaurant that we would like to recommend to you is a restaurant known by many locals as the Metro nightclub. Just like it sounds, this restaurant is a restaurant itself in a nightclub put together into one scene. If you are looking for a very exciting place to visit while going through the Indianapolis downtown area, you do not want to pass up the Metro nightclub. Offering amazing Americano food for everybody, you can also enjoy craft beers, spirits, and other fantastic desserts. If you would like to dance to popular music you can walk across the room to the club area where world renowned DJs often perform. Keep in mind however, if you like to visit the Metro nightclub you must be at least the ages of 21 or older.

Another great restaurant but you might consider visiting in the Indianapolis area which offers a great LGBT atmosphere is a restaurant known as by many locals as the Milk Tooth. The Milk Tooth services mostly milkshakes, ice cream, and other sweets, however the restaurant itself provides a great LGBT atmosphere that can be enjoyed by anybody. Additionally, the doors of the Milk Tooth open at 11 AM and close at 10 PM the following afternoon.

Indianapolis provides many great businesses that truly support the LGBT community, if you like to learn more about the businesses here in Indianapolis that promote gay pride we encourage you to take the time to view our comprehensive Indianapolis Gay business directory. If you use our gay business directory and find that the business you are looking for is not listed, we encourage you to contact us and we will try to get you pointed into the right direction.