Manhattan Gay Friendly Business Directory

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Manhattan Gay Friendly Business Directory

Manhattan Gay LGBT Business Directory

Manhattan, New York is home to hundreds of business that support gay pride and happily welcome any LGBT community member into its doors. Here on our website, you can use our comprehensive and complete Manhattan LGBT business directory which will connect you with any business that supports the LGBT community within the Manhattan area. Every type of business can be found right here on our directory such as restaurants, clubs, bars, and other gay locations located in the Manhattan, New York Area. Before you go into our directory of gay businesses here in the Manhattan area we want to first take a moment to share with you a few of our personal favorite businesses to support who also support the LGBT community.

First on our list is the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Located downtown Manhattan, the Big Gay Ice Cream shop not only has the best ice cream on the corner, they also have the best Gay pride around. If you are looking for a sweet spot to get your fix of ice cream while also surrounding yourself around a positive LGBT atmosphere you should certainly take the time to visit this location. The ice cream is very affordable and their doors close late at 11 PM. Be sure to give them a visit, we assure that you will not regret it.


Second on our list is another favorite LGBT supporting restaurant widely known by the Manhattan LGBT community as Elmo’s. Located right next to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Elmo’s is another great location that offers an exceptional LGBT experience for anyone looking to enjoy lunch or dinner. Elmo’s offers great American food at an affordable price, as well as beers, spirits, and live music. If you are looking to have some extra fun with friends over the weekend we encourage you to visit Elmo’s as they often times have great live music by popular Manhattan bands, free of charge. Our honest opinion is this, if you are looking to have a nice evening out in Manhattan, whether it be with friends or family, you certainly need to give Elmo’s a shot. Hey, you could even walk across the street to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop for dessert, the choice is yours.

Last on our list of the top three favorite Manhattan LGBT business to support is a club called The Dish. The Dish, a night club that opens at 4 PM and closes at 4 AM, is a great spot for friends who are part of the LGBT community. Additionally, if you are interested in visiting the Dish you need to be aware of the fact that you must be the age of eighteen years or older to enter due to the nature of the club itself. If you are looking for Gay entertainment, awesome dancing, popular beers and spirits, and a great night out with friends, look no further than the Dish gay club located in Manhattan.