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Minneapolis Gay Friendly Business Directory

Gay Business Directory Minneapolis, Minnesota

A host to hundreds of business that support the LGBT community, Minneapolis is an amazing city to visit if you are looking to have a great time by yourself, with friends, family, or even a significant other. That is exactly why we have taken the time to offer you our complete directory of Gay Minneapolis businesses who support the LGBT community, as we want to do our best to support them as well by giving them our business. Before you dive into our Minneapolis gay business directory, we wanted to take some time to first share with you a few of our personal favorite business locations right here in the Minneapolis area.

If you are visiting the Minneapolis area for the first time and find yourself looking for a restaurant that supports the LGBT community and that also serves delicious food, look no further than a LGBT owned restaurant called the LUSH. Located downtown Minneapolis, the LUSH offers a fantastic environment for the LGBT community while also offering great food, beers, and other items from their menu. If you find yourself often times enjoying the ability to dine outside, you should consider visiting the Lush as they offer a great outdoor patio location for those who want to enjoy a lavish sunset dinner. The Lush is a great choice for individuals, couples, and families alike, and we highly recommend them.


Looking for an exotic experience while visiting Minneapolis? Look no further than the Kitty Cat Club. Before visiting the Kitty Cat Club, you should know that you must be at least the ages of twenty-one or older to enter due to the nature of its atmosphere. The Kitty Cat Club offers exotic LGBT friendly dancers, popular electronic music, affordable drinks, and other items that can be enjoyed by any club goer. If interested, feel free to find their location downtown Minneapolis.

Last on our list, a brewery known by most of the Minneapolis LGBT community, called The Craftsman. The Craftsman offers a great LGBT friendly environment worth mentioning, as well as greatly priced beers, spirits, and food altogether. Additionally, the Craftsman is a great location to enjoy sports as they provide hundreds of TVs across all of their walls, even in the bathrooms. This is a great location to visit for anyone whether you be by your self, with friends, family, or a significant other.

There is no doubt that Minneapolis offers hundreds of other businesses that support the LGBT community and are just as proud to promote the Gay pride all of us stand for. We encourage you to take the time to browse our Gay Minneapolis business directory for more locations that you might be interested in supporting. If you find that you cannot find something specifically you are looking for, we encourage you to take the time to contact us so that we can help you find the businesses and locations you are looking for in the Minneapolis Minnesota area.