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Portland, Oregon is the homeland of many businesses that truly support the LGBT community and the gay pride it stands for. Right here on our website, we provide the most complete and comprehensive Portland, Oregon gave business directory full of helpful business listings that are owned by gays themselves. Before you begin browsing our Portland, Oregon gave business directory however, we encourage you to continue reading as we are going to share with you a few of our own select locations to visit when going downtown Portland, Oregon.

First list for one of our favorite places to visit when walking downtown Portland, Oregon is a gay club known as the Silverado. The Silverado openly welcomes any and all LGBT community members whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, the Silverado offers great dancing experiences, a great LGBT atmosphere, great priced drinks, and low cost spirits. We ask you to keep one thing in mind however, that if you do plan to visit the Silverado, you need to be at least twenty-one years or older to enter its doors. Furthermore, if you are looking for an exceptional experience to have with friends, family, or even a significant other, look no further than the Silverado nightclub located in gay Portland, Oregon.


Another fantastic location to consider visiting when walking downtown Portland, Oregon is a gay nightclub called the Steam Portland. This nightclub is actually different from all of the others as it allows people ages 18 and older to enter its doors. Open from 4 PM to 5 AM the following morning, the Steam Nightclub, offers an exceptional LGBT experience that anybody will surely enjoy. Furthermore, this nightclub offers exceptional food, dancing experiences, and happy hour cocktails that should not be passed by anybody. If you’re looking to have an exceptional time over the course of an evening you certainly should consider visiting this nightclub.

If you are in the mood for finding a sports bar, we highly recommend that you consider checking out a sports bar known by many of the Portland, Oregon LGBT locals as the Crossbar. The Crossbar is a fantastic LGBT friendly sports bar that offers some of the best hamburgers, hamburgers, beers, and spirits available in the Portland, Oregon downtown area. Furthermore, by visiting the Crossbar on a Friday night you can enjoy and participate in the live karaoke events. If you are looking to have a exceptional time with family, friends, or a significant other, you should absolutely consider visiting the Crossbar located downtown Portland, Oregon.

To discover more locations within the Portland, Oregon area that support the LGBT community, we recommend that you take the time to view the rest of our online directory related to gay businesses located in the Portland, Oregon area. If you need help locating information that you cannot find through our website, feel free to send us a message through our website and we will do our best to direct you in the right direction.