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Rochester New York Gay Friendly Business Directory

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Rochester, New York is the host of hundreds of different businesses that truly support and represent the LGBT community. That is why we took the time to build the Internet’s most comprehensive and complete gay business directory for the Rochester, New York area. Before you begin using our gay business directory for Rochester, New York however, we would like to share with you a few of our personal favorite locations to support because they too support gay pride and the LGBT community that lives in Rochester, New York.
If you are looking to have a great time while enjoying some of the best dancing experiences, electronic music, beer and decently priced spirits, you should consider visiting a Rochester, New York nightclub known by many of the LGBT locals as Forums. Forums, located downtown Rochester, New York, has been around for many years while providing entertainment to the LGBT community seven days a week. On weekends, you can expect to enjoy a live DJ that often times is found to be popular around the world. If you would like to visit the Forums nightclub in Rochester, New York you need to be at least the ages of 21 or older. If you are seeking to have a great night with friends, or with a significant other while dancing to the latest popular electronic music, look no further than the Forums nightclub located in Rochester, New York.


If you are looking instead to enjoy a nice American dinner while also looking for a restaurant that offers a positive LGBT atmosphere, we recommend considering a visit to a restaurant known as Peters. Peters, located right in the heart of downtown Rochester, New York is a great hamburger joint that offers some of the best hamburgers, chicken platters, and home cut French fries. Furthermore, if you enjoy the type of settings that come along with sports bars, you will most certainly enjoy peters as they have TVs scattered all over their walls that play the latest sports and television shows every single day.

To mix it up a little bit, if you would like to take a day to just relax and enjoy your afternoon, you should consider visiting the Rochester Spa and Body Club. To enjoy this location you must be at least the ages of 21 due to its nature of events, however, this location is known by most of the LGBT local community members that live in Rochester, New York. If you’re looking for a nice massage that seems to last a lifetime, you absolutely need to visit the Rochester Spa and Body Club.

There are many more businesses within the Rochester, New York area that offer a great experience for the LGBT community. That is why we recommend taking the time to view the rest of our gay Rochester, New York business directory. If you find yourself having a difficult time locating the information you are searching for, feel free to contact us using our website and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.