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Washington DC Gay Friendly Business Directory

Washington DC Gay Business Directory

Washington DC is not only known to be the capital of the United States, it is also known for its large amount of businesses that support the LGBT community. Right here on our website, you can discover and sort through the Internet’s largest gay business directory for Washington DC while finding businesses that truly support the LGBT community. Also, down below we are going to take some time to name a couple of the businesses that we recommend visiting because they truly offer one of the most premium LGBT experiences possible.

The very first business that comes to mind when considering the best LGBT bars within the gay Washington DC area is a bar known as the Cobalt. The Cobalt, located in the heart of Washington DC, offers a very nice and relaxing LGBT atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. Additionally, the Cobalt also offers very good food, beers, and spirits at very affordable prices that can be appreciated by anybody who is visiting the bar for the night. If you have a group of friends that you would like to hang out with while also enjoying a positive LGBT atmosphere experience, the Cobalt is definitely a business to consider visiting. Be sure to take the time to visit the Cobalt located in Washington DC on the weekends as they offer very competitive happy hour prices for all alcoholic beverages.


If the cobalt isn’t good enough for you, perhaps you might consider visiting a great Washington DC gay bar known as the Lantern. The Lantern is another personal favorite gay supporting Washington DC bar of ours which truly offers a very positive LGBT experience for anybody who is visiting. Not only does the lantern provide great local brews and draft beers, the Lantern also provides great food, and absolutely awesome karaoke nights. If you find yourself going out with a group of friends on a Friday night, be sure to visit the Lantern as they offer a great community karaoke night where everybody truly gets involved. You can find the Lanterns location downtown Washington DC which opens its doors at 2 PM for lunch and closes around 5 AM seven days per week.

The last restaurant that we would like to mention here on this page is a sports bar called Neely’s. Neely’s is in our opinion, truly is the best sports bar in Washington DC that also offers a premium LGBT atmosphere experience. Not only is the LGBT atmosphere experience a premium feature of this sports bar, their food, drinks, and dancing is also rather incredible. If you’re looking to have a good time with friends or family without having to spend a whole lot of money out of pocket, the Neely’s sports bar in Washington DC is a great choice for you.

There truly are many other great gay supporting businesses within the Washington DC area, which is why we recommend that you take the time to go through our gay Washington DC business directory right here on our website to discover which location is best for you.