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Setting the Precedence

Gay Pages has been connecting LGBTQ community members with gay-friendly companies since 2005.

Companies that openly embrace LGBTQ people are sending a clear message of acceptance, understanding, and value to all people within their community. Supporting businesses that support gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and trans-genders has a measurable impact on the pursuit of equality.

Welcoming, Congenial, & Safe

The online directory is comprised of only gay-friendly, and open-minded companies that embrace diversity. These companies demonstrate their true commitment and support in building an inclusive customer base focused on making LGBTQ individuals feel welcomed.

Users of the directory are given the opportunity to choose a progressive and forward-thinking gay-friendly business instead of a random company to hire for home or professional services.

All companies listed with GayPages.com are dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment where you, your family, and friends will be respected and safe. Treating all people equally and in a non-judgmental way is of the utmost importance to these businesses.

The Power of Choice

The main purpose of the directory is to take the guesswork out trying to figure out which company is gay-friendly or not so you can make an informed decision prior to hiring them. 

Allowing people to choose gay-friendly contractors, professionals, and establishments provides a higher level of comfort, safety, and security. 

These companies strive for overall satisfaction meaning it's not just about a job well done but also the way you are valued and respected throughout the process. Especially, in your home where contractors perform home improvement, renovation, and repair services.

Supporting Each Other

Businesses that show a commitment to inclusion and diversity influence public opinion and encourage forward-looking policies that strengthen and unify our communities. LGBTQ individuals that champion these businesses recognize they are at the forefront of positively impacting public policies and legislation.   

True partnerships and a commitment to diversity and its values are all indicators of the progression of LGBTQ recognition, inclusion, and human equality. Our business directory offers a solution to all people looking for companies free of hate and discrimination. By eliminating discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and preference, we're creating a more positive place to work, travel, and live for everyone in our local community as well as the world. 

It is imperative businesses support human rights and LGBTQ equality. It is equally important and absolutely necessary LGBTQ individuals support these businesses. 

Together, we make a difference.

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