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Champion LGBTQ

Advertising dollars directed towards the LGBTQ community demonstrate a genuine interest and desire to earn their business. Marketers and companies that highlight LGBTQ consumers is not only good for business but also good for humanity.

Local Influence

Although many employers have added sexual orientation and gender identity to their non-discrimination policies, additional advertising and marketing dollars have not been allocated. 

The inclusion of the LGBTQ demographic extends beyond individuals, it also includes family members, acquaintances, neighbors, and friends. Illustrating a company’s commitment to offering products and services to all types of customers reflects that company's support of LGBTQ rights and the rights of all people.

Providing a universal theme of justice and equality is best recognized when promoted in and outside the workplace which creates a broader acceptance within local communities.

Spread the Word

Our online directory provides a direct way for businesses to communicate their "gay-friendly" message and be recognized by potential LGBTQ consumers. Obtaining this substantial audience allows companies to gain a loyal, wide-ranging, and innovative marketing segment with significant purchasing power.

Embrace Diversity

The Gay and Lesbian community is an affluent niche market that is often a forgotten sector but for those that champion it, the return is great. With almost a trillion dollars in annual spending, this particular platform is highly lucrative for those that engage, pursue, and support it.

Online advertisements, movies, and TV that embraces diversity can help change attitudes about and erase prejudices towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.

Community Recognition

Recognizing and welcoming a diversified customer base allows your company to be identified as a gay-friendly or LGBTQ-friendly establishment that also shows your support of anti-discrimination policies, relationships, and people.

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