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Gay Friendly Churches

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Find and Locate Gay Friendly Churches

Churches exist to provide people with the ability to pray to their higher power, congregate and share in the worship of God.  There are many denominations of religions, each devoted to their beliefs and views.  Gay friendly churches provide a place of worship to all people regardless of their sexual orientation or preference.  

In places of worship, gay friendly church officiators provide the LGBT community the space to gather, worship a higher power, marry one another and have funeral services.  Many churches that are gay friendly establishments are designed to meet the needs of everyone in communities across the United States.  

Many of the LGBT churches in the country do not pose restrictions on those who attend services.  There are great deals of places of worship that provide services geared toward the enrichment of the communities they serve without regard to the sexual preference of the people attending worship.  



Since June 2015, landmark legislation provided the LGBT community with marriage equality.  Now, persons of the same sex who wish to marry can do so in a gay-friendly church with the same freedoms as heterosexual couples enjoy.  

There are many different gay friendly churches that accept parishioners of all denominations.  Religious practices no longer have to be a source of controversy and grief for persons who are not heterosexual.  Many churches exist to provide a place of solace, worship, and congregation to the LGBT community as a whole.

In these organizations, sermons are devoted to issues that affect the gay and lesbian communities.  LGBT-affirming churches and those who attend them for services do not consider homosexuality to be a sin.  Therefore, they are widely accepting of all people without regard to sexual preference.  

Some congregations are devoted to Baptist, Methodist, Mennonite, Lutheran, Episcopal, and Presbyterian beliefs, but welcome members of all communities.  Many of these churches are comprised of members who welcome LGBT people, while others are comprised solely of members of the gay community.  

No matter your sexual preference or background, there are many different churches that will be eager to welcome you into their congregations.  As a member of the LGBT community, you can receive the acceptance that a gay and lesbian friendly church can provide.  These congregations are friendly evangelical gatherings of people who accept parishioners from every community in the world.  

No longer does it have to be a challenge to find a directory of gay friendly churches and congregations.  To find a gay friendly church, look for the terminology to center on “welcoming” or “affirming” in their materials.  This will give you the first inclination that the church you are considering is open and friendly to persons who have different sexual practices.  In some churches, gay, lesbian and transgendered people are welcomed, but they limit the participation to only worship and do not allow marriage equality.  To be sure, reach out to the church and inquire about their practices and beliefs.  Having a conversation with the pastor will give you the most information on whether the organization is truly a gay friendly church.