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There are hundreds of businesses located in the area of Queens, New York that truly support the LGBT community and the Gay pride it stands for. That’s exactly why we have taken the time and effort to build the Internet’s most complete and comprehensive Gay business directory for the Queens, New York area. If you’re looking for a business that supports the LGBT community within the Queens, New York area, we encourage you to take a look at our complete gay business directory. However, before you begin using our gay business directory for Queens, New York, we encourage you to continue reading as we are going to share with you a few of our favorite locations within the Queens area to represent what we all stand for, which is gay pride.

First on our list of favorite places to visit when walking downtown Queens, New York is a nightclub known by many of the local LGBT community members as Club Evolution. Club Evolution is a fantastic location to visit if you are looking for a nightclub that offers a fantastic LGBT atmosphere. Although you have to be at least the age of 21 years old or older, you will be guaranteed to enjoy the music, dancing, beers, and spirits that club Evolution has two offer its goers. If you have a group of friends, family, or a significant other that you would like to enjoy some time with while dancing in enjoying popular music, look no further than Club Evolution. Furthermore, you can find the Club Evolution in the downtown Queens, New York area.


If you are more interested in finding a bar that you can enjoy a nice American burger while also sipping on a well-crafted beer, look no further than the Icon Bar. Located in the heart of downtown Queens, New York, the Icon Bar offers an exceptional LGBT atmosphere that anyone visiting can truly enjoy. Furthermore, by visiting the Icon Bar on a Friday night you can enjoy life karaoke nights that are hosted by community members who are also LGBT. If you would like to visit the Icon Bar you can do so when their doors open at 3 PM every afternoon and close at 4 AM the following morning. If you’re looking for an exceptional place to enjoy with your friends look no further than the Icon Bar located downtown Queens, New York.
It is no secret, there are hundreds of different restaurants, clubs, bars, and businesses that support the LGBT community which are located right here in Queens, New York. However, there are simply too many of them to list right here all on this page. That is why we encourage you to take the time to go through the entirety of our gay business directory for Queens, New York where you will be able to discover different businesses and our area that support the LGBT community. If you need assistance finding a particular location not listed here on our website, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.